#19 Tattersall

#19 of 52 Must See Things in Minneapolis

Ditch your go-to drink and try something that packs a punch at Tattersall in Northeast! It’s the perfect spot for local, craft, unique cocktails that can’t be replicated anywhere else. With all of their spirits and liqueurs produced in-house and their superior blending of flavors, a night at Tattersall is a night of exploration. The bartenders are knowledgeable and creative; crafting cocktails is their art. Their standout spirit is gin, but you won’t find your typical gin and tonic here. They utilize spices, herbs and garnishes to put a new twist on the classics and create brand new combinations altogether. Find a seat in their cocktail room or head through the open garage door to find their sidewalk patio. They also host various food trucks for when you need a bite to eat with your beverage.

Located in the Thorp Building, Tattersall’s foundation comes with some history. The building was previously known as Thorp Doors, which made heavy duty metal fire doors. Later on during World War II, the building was used to build classified military equipment…in secret. The feel of an old warehouse can still be felt within the cocktail room, but of course with a modern twist. It’s the place to be for some conversation with friends over a fantastic cocktail.

Pro tip: Make it an adventure by stopping at Sociable Cider Werks and Indeed Brewing, both located within a half mile of Tattersall!