For members of the media covering the Derek Chauvin sentencing or the other former officers' trial next year, our Meet Minneapolis PR team is a resource for hotel media rates, sourcing potential work spaces, live shot location scouting, and providing additional story ideas that can expand your trial coverage.

Go here for more on planning your trip to Minneapolis for the trial and/or reach out directly to our team listed below.

We’re Open All Season – Every Season – for Storytellers.

Cold? Sure, but only in the wintertime. Active? Yes, it’s part lust for life and part FOMO. Nice? You betcha, and proud of it!

We have an amazing city – and are willing to share it (along with media kitsnews releasesphotos and videos, and much more).

Welcome to the Bold North; you might just find that you’ve never met a place quite like this.

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If you are a print, broadcast, freelance and/or electronic media journalist interested in assistance during your trip to Minneapolis, please fill out a Media Trip Request Form.

Our Team:

Kathy McCarthy
Director, PR and Communications

Kristen Montag
Senior Manager, PR and Communications

Kevin Kurtt
Manager, PR and Communications