About Us

Meet Minneapolis, Convention & Visitors Association, promotes the Minneapolis community as a viable convention site and visitor destination.

Our mission is to market, sell and maximize the visitor experience of Minneapolis for the economic benefit of our community, making Minneapolis the destination of choice among travelers.

Impact—Tourism with Purpose: It’s more than what we do. It’s the impact we have on our community in critical, meaningful and unexpected ways. Check out our most recent annual report for a detailed summary of our 'Big Wins', proudest achievements and most anticipated future plans.

(KPI = Key Performance Indicators)

Meet Minneapolis tracks multiple indicators to evaluate the health of the tourism economy and our various programs, including additional industry research. The organization’s performance is evaluated based on the following four 2019 key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Secure 535,000 Group and Event Hotel Room Nights
  • Secure 92,000 Leisure Hotel Rooms Nights (Due to year-end reporting from third parties, leads are tracked throughout the year, with a goal of 1,250 Leisure Leads)
  • Secure $20.5 million in Minneapolis Convention Center
  • Secure $2.6 million in Private Revenue