#8 The Juicy Lucy

#8 of 52 Must See Things in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis is the birthplace of the almighty juicy lucy, a burger with the cheese stuffed into the middle of the patty rather than placed on top. It may sound like a simple swap, but it makes all the difference. Two well-known Minneapolis restaurants claim to be the inventors of the burger, Matt’s Bar and the 5-8 club. Locals often have their favorite – and their own opinion on who really invented the burger.

Other restaurants have put their own twist on the Minneapolis classic, such as Blue Door (try their “Blucy” which uses bleu cheese instead of American, or branch out and get their “Jiffy burger” – a juicy lucy with peanut butter on top!) The Nook offers their own take on the classic, but also includes unique options such as “The Spanish Fly” which infuses Spanish-spiced pork into their burger. You can find different versions of the juicy lucy at a number of other locations such as Groveland Tap, Hell’s Kitchen, Ray J’s American Grill and Crooked Pint among others. Day Block Brewing even offers a vegetarian juicy lucy, using portabella mushroom caps as the patty.

So, who has the best juicy lucy? We’ll let you make the call… Try them out and then let us know your favorite!