#29 Hmongtown Marketplace

#29 of 52 Must See Things in Minneapolis.

Dive into the Twin Cities’ rich diversity and culture at the Hmongtown Marketplace in St. Paul. What appears to be several warehouses off of Como is actually a bustling market, with an impressive variety of cuisines, produce and traditional clothing with origins in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

Founded in 2004 by entrepreneur Toua Xiong, the market has grown to become a commonplace for Hmong Americans. Not only does the market give a sense of belonging to the Hmong community (the largest Asian community in Minnesota!), but it is also a place welcome to all cultures looking to try something new. Open 12 hours a day every day, it is easy to find time to stop by. With over 200 vendors, you will not be disappointed by what the market has to offer. The Hmongtown Marketplace is known for its wide variety of fresh produce and visitors rave about the fresh dishes prepared to eat such as the papaya salad and roasted meat. Beyond food, the vendors sell everyday needs, cultural treasures and colorful Hmong clothing and jewelry.

The market has a promising future, with a complete makeover taking place within the coming years. The market also plans to add in more activities and programs to bring the community together. Visiting the market while in town is an adventure you just can’t miss!

Learn more at their website: http://hmongtownmarketplace.co...