#2 Guthrie Theater

#2 of 52 Must See Things in Minneapolis

You can’t truly experience the beauty of Minneapolis without exploring our robust arts scene. With a history of unique theaters, venues, performances and shows, Minneapolis is booming with creative energy. Local artists, spectators and actors come together at the Guthrie Theater to produce classic masterpieces as well as modern works.

Created in 1963, the Guthrie Theater was produced as a way to highlight local talent and provide the audience with a captivating story. It was less commercial and produced at a lower cost than some of the larger Broadway shows of the time. Yet with three different stages each with a unique audience perspective, it was possible to shape and mold the way an audience viewed a performance. While the Guthrie has expanded and even moved to a stunning new building on the Mississippi riverfront in 2006, these core values still remain today. The Guthrie not only provides outstanding performances with a variety of plays and concerts, but it offers classes and workshops for those just starting out or looking to live out their passion. They even offer summer camps for kids to engage their creative thinking and learn about the art of performing.

Their calendar is full of amazing shows. Check it out here and experience some of the best local talent in Minneapolis.