Our Favorite Minneapolis Team Building Activities

​Solve the unsolvable, karate-chop fruit, create a masterpiece, throw an axe or make some pizza! Treat the team to some well-deserved time away from the daily grind.

Group activities not only promote teamwork and camaraderie, but they help release some of that pent-up restlessness that everyone can feel on the job sometimes. Whether it's a team of 3 or 53, Minneapolis is home to plenty of experiences that are sure to revitalize everyone's spirit!


Is there anything better than bonding as a team after taking turns killing zombies, karate-chopping fruit or walking a tightrope hundreds of feet in the air? From great food made in-house to local craft beer and wine, this VR lab will not disappoint. REM5 isn't just for small groups either! Their 6,000 square foot space can host up to 150 people for a wide variety of events.

Textile Center

Make your own contemporary tie-dye or craft designs from wool textures, colors and materials! The Textile Center has great group experiences for you and your team to collectively tap into your creative sides. Learn about the history of the art forms and processes it takes to create one-of-a-kind pieces. You can also take a tour of the Textile Center and learn more about other textile techniques, including sewing, knitting, dyeing, felting, weaving, spinning, quilting, basketry, buttons and more!

Escape Rooms

Venture into the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis for one of Trapped Puzzle Rooms'. You'll have no choice but to work as a team in order to get out! With fun themes including a few pop culture favorites, these escape rooms are a surefire way to get everyone in the group excited about more than just business. Not able to make it to their brick and mortar location? They've got mobile experiences that they can bring to you for private events! Or head on over to The Escape Game at the Mall of America, an interactive experience designed to engage your problem-solving skills in a fun and unique way. The Escape Game Minneapolis features four far-out game themes. Choose from Mission: Mars, Gold Rush, Prison Break, and The Heist.

Uff Da Adventures

Peddle, paddle or trolley! All with a beer in hand. Uff Da Adventures offers a variety of experiences your beer-loving team can enjoy. Take the group pedal bike through Northeast Minneapolis, paddle a boat around Lake Minnetonka or leave the driving to Uff Da, all while enjoying local breweries, taprooms, restaurants and your team's company! 

"Forest Bathing" with Motz Studios

Take a much needed break from the everyday hustle and bustle of work. Motz Studios offers "forest bathing" - and no, it's not an outdoor bath. The Japanese art of forest bathing, Shinrin Yoku, translated as: taking in the forest air with all the senses. This immersive, meditative walk through the forest will help you slow down and focus on your senses, connecting you with the surrounding nature. Shinrin Yoku has been found to reduce stress, boost immune function and increase focus. What better way for your team to take a step back and relax than the ultimate nature walk? 

Sporting Events 

It's hard to deny the energy and excitement that comes from being at a sporting event! With our state-of-the-art new and renovated stadiums, three of which are all within 1.3 miles of each other, any type of fan is bound to enjoy a professional sports game here in Minneapolis. Depending on what time of year it is, you can catch a Minnesota Vikings football game at U.S. Bank Stadium, a Minnesota Lynx or Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game at the Target Center, a Minnesota Twins baseball game at Target Field (yes, Target was founded in Minnesota and we are proud), or a Minnesota United FC soccer game at Allianz Field just on the other side of the river! 


Yes, axe throwing is all the rage in team bonding now. Because let's face it, we've all got a little stress to work through sometimes! And it doesn't just stop there. FlannelJax's offers other activities such as log sawing and hatchet nail driving. Get competitive or keep it relaxed and just have fun—it’s like a trust exercise on steroids! 

Brave New Workshop

Customized leadership sessions, "Laugh and Learn" classes and seminars and workshops for women! Brave New Workshop is more than just comedy shows, they have a range of hands-on team building experiences that provides a supportive environment while the group hones their communication, collaboration, agility and problem-solving skills. 

Watch the game, grab a beer or go lawn bowling at Brit's! 

Take a vacation without the hassle of flying all the way across the pond. Brit's Pub is Downtown Minneapolis' own little corner of the UK. Opt for a relaxed group outing - watch the game (soccer or rugby anyone?), grab a beer by the fireplace, or try your hand at lawn bowling on the rooftop patio in sunny weather! The pub also houses several private event spaces with their own bar and fireplace if you're hoping for something a little more secluded.

Learn to Cook Together

What better way to bond with your peers than create a dish Iron Chef style? Cooks of Crocus Hill provides a team building opportunity for everyone to show off their cooking skills. Using a "mystery ingredient" teams compete to prepare various courses. It's a great way to test everyone's creativity and communication skills and eat some delicious food in the process. If competition is not your thing, Cooks also has corporate events where you can watch a demonstration or learn step by step how to make some delicious meals.