Meet Minneapolis 2020: A Journey of Rediscovery and Appreciation

As we look forward with optimism for what we’ll experience in 2021, we reflect back on what 2020 helped us to discover, rediscover, and appreciate about Minneapolis.

We Fell In Love (Again and Again) With Our City by Nature

We've never been happier to have four distinct seasons. We biked, we hiked, we dined outside. We walked, we explored, we mastered the art of the picnic. We ran, we strolled, we became nature photographers. And our seasons gave us a new experience each time. 

We Discovered New Ways to Support and Understand Our Community 

We shopped at Black-owned boutiques, learned about Minneapolis Black artists, and got takeout from Black-owned restaurants. We took to our local bookstores to educate ourselves and gain a new perspective. We traveled the world through food, and tried incredible dishes from around the globe. We learned that we need to step up to truly support and understand our community. 

We Loved Local, Local, Local

We supported the local businesses that make Minneapolis - Minneapolis. That one spot with the perfectly crafted latte, the to-die-for burger, or the extra crispy eggroll. The shops where we know we can find one-of-a-kind pieces to add to our closet. The places where we can get our favorite ceramics, or take a global food tour, or peruse works by local artists. We bought, donated, and volunteered so our favorite places can continue to be our favorite places. 

We Experienced Minneapolis From Home—And It Was Still Really Cool

In Minneapolis, we know how to get  creative. We'll find a way to have fun no matter what the circumstances are. From at-home science experiments and digital art exhibitions, to online cooking classes and virtual film festivals, we didn't stop learning, creating, and exploring. We just took it to the next level. 

We Found New Ways to Enjoy Our Awesome Food & Drink Scene

We took our food out, and then we took it all in...our beautiful city, that is. We created patios everywhere and anywhere, became picnic connoisseurs, and showed everyone how Minnesotans do distanced the winter...(6 feet apart on a patio, under a heat lamp, puffer jacket on, beer in hand, smile on face, thank you very much). 

We Became a Tourist in Our Own Town

We thought we knew Minneapolis before, but we actually had so much to discover. Murals and public art, new hiking trails, a frozen waterfall, museums, galleries, gardens, and parks. All the places we've always "meant to get to" but just hadn't. And after all that discovery, we were reminded why we love living here.