The Most Instagrammable Spots in Minneapolis

Take a picture! It lasts longer.

On the lookout for a unique snapshot? Get the gram in Minneapolis! Rain, shine or snow, we've got you covered. From waterfalls, murals and sculptures to skylines and an amber box, check out some of the city's best locations for the perfect Instagram photo. 

1. Bob Dylan Mural

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Designed by artist Eduardo Kobra, the Bob Dylan mural on Hennepin and 5th St. in downtown Minneapolis can’t help but catch the eye of every passerby. Why Bob Dylan? Well, didn’t you know he’s a born and raised Minnesotan? Though he grew up a couple hours north of the city, Dylan lived in Minneapolis for a short period of time in his youth. In fact, his song ‘Along the Watchtower’ is said to be written about an old Minneapolis water tower, now referred to as the Witches Hat Tower!

This colorful kaleidoscopic design brings a bright slice of beauty to the urban setting. Located just off the light rail, getting to and from is as easy as could be! 

Stop by the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and snap a pic with this funky sculpture, one of Minneapolis’ most iconic symbols. Created by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen, Spoonbridge and Cherry is one of their most celebrated collaborations and the first work commissioned for the sculpture garden. The spoon’s raised bowl is said to have reminded Oldenburg of the prow of a Viking ship or a duck bobbing in a lake – pretty Minnesotan if you ask us! More than 50 feet long, this fountain-sculpture is quirky and picture perfect, with the Minneapolis downtown skyline beautifully situated behind. 

Gift of Frederick R. Weisman in honor of his parents, William and Mary Weisman, 1988 
© Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen

3. Minnehaha Falls (particularly in the winter)

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Pick a season, any season, and head on over to Minnehaha Falls Regional Park. Home to a stunning waterfall and the lower reaches of Minnehaha Creek, it’s the lively falls that you can’t miss. Sprawling with foliage in the summers and covered in a striking display of ice in the winter, there’s no bad time to visit. Follow worn-in paths down along the creek for a hike through the scenic oasis (one of many!) hidden in our urban landscape.

4. Star wall at First Avenue (featuring Prince)

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Formerly the Greyhound bus station until 1968, this historic venue is the music-lovers dream. As one of the longest running independently owned and operated clubs in the country, First Avenue is near and dear to the heart of Minneapolis. Along one of its outside walls are stars featuring First Ave. favorites from the past, present and (blank stars for) the future. Among these stars is Minneapolis native, Prince. Unlike the others, which are painted a silvery-gray, Prince’s star is a bright gold, signifying his roots in the city and his importance to not only the global and national community, but to the local music scene as well. Check out a show (you won’t regret it) or just check out the wall. Find your favorite artists and snap a shot with Prince’s star!

5. Foshay Observation Deck

Geotag: W Minneapolis – The Foshay

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The Foshay Tower is known as the first skyscraper built in Minnesota, and remained the tallest building in the city from 1929-1971. Now home to The W Minneapolis hotel and the Foshay Museum, the observation deck showcases an incredible view of downtown (it’s smack-dab in the middle of it!) from 30 stories high. Tickets are affordable and the view is next to none, so leave your fear of heights at home and go get the gram!

6. Grain Belt Beer Sign

Geotag: Hennepin Avenue Bridge

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Situated above the Hennepin Avenue Bridge on the edge of Northeast Minneapolis, the longstanding Grain Belt Beer sign is… kind of awesome. Built in the 1940s to showcase the popular beer brand, the sign was purchased by August Schell Brewing Co. and, after more than 20 years in the dark, the sign was relit just before the 2018 New Year! A reminder of Minneapolis’ unique past, it now shines bright every night, reflected on the Mississippi River just below. Go see for yourself just how cool it is to have a giant beer sign right in the middle of the city. We’re pretty fond of it.

7. Guthrie Theater’s Endless Bridge and Amber Box

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Alright, so ‘endless’ is a bit of an exaggeration and ‘bridge’ isn’t exactly accurate, but you get the idea, right? A favorite hot spot for the best views of the Mississippi River, Guthrie Theater’s Endless Bridge is a cantilever –think of it as a bridge with only one end– that extends 178 feet from the face of the Guthrie Theater in downtown Minneapolis. Right above it you’ll find the Amber box, a popular location for wedding photos, graduation pictures and prom poses galore. The Amber Box is another cantilever that protrudes 15 feet from the building and provides a near 360-degree view of Minneapolis from its groovy yellow windows. 

This former railroad route turned pedestrian bridge is an iconic landmark of Minneapolis. Located right next to the Guthrie, it is the only arched bridge made of stone along the entire length of the Mississippi River – neat, right? Plus, it’s got superb views of the downtown skyline, St. Anthony Falls, and the river beneath. On one end lies St. Anthony Main, one of the oldest parts of the city, and on the other lies the Mill City Museum, built into the ruins of what was once the world’s largest flour mill prior to its infamous explosion. One of the best places for a bike ride, a jog, or in this case, a photo op!

9. Mary Tyler Moore statue on Nicollet

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Located on Nicollet and 7th in downtown Minneapolis, this iconic and beloved statue is a must-see for visitors and even locals. The statue captures the iconic moment Mary throws her tam in the air during the opening credits of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Following the loss of the actress herself in 2017, the statue has seen tourists from all over visit and pay their respects to the star. The statue is well-loved by city dwellers and she even received her own hand-knit pair of Bold North mittens during Minnesota’s Super Bowl LII! 

10. Purple Raindrop in North Minneapolis

Geotag: Farview Park

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Esther Osayande’s Purple Raindrop in Farview Park pays tribute to Prince's iconic song,"Purple Rain" and honors his memory. The sculpture stands at just over 15 feet tall and is coated in a shade named "purple reign." 

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