Most Outrageous Foods in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a place for foodies; there's no denying that. Challenge yourself to some of the city's most memorable dishes! (Saint Paul even made the cut.)

Hi-Top at Hi-Lo Diner, Photo by Jason Tesauro @themoderngent

Milkjam Creamery: “All of them”

Sure, you could get 1, 2, 3 or even a flight of 4 scoops of ice cream. But why not get ALL OF THEM? Yes, at Milkjam, you can order all of the flavors which typically includes at least 16 different kinds. Did we mention that some of them are vegan and a select few contain alcohol? Pass the spoon, please!

Hell’s Kitchen: Bloody Mary bar

How much can you pack into your Bloody Mary? We’re not talking about a single meat stick and maybe a couple of olives. Hell’s Kitchen’s 35-foot, jacked-up Bloody Mary bar includes 247 different hot sauces, gourmet salts, specialty olives, all kinds of cheeses, bacon, wings, peppers, mini muffins and other delicious add-ons. It’s truly a meal in itself.

Martina: Cocktail in a glass made of ice

Martina has been the talk of the town after opening in November 2017. Their Argentinian-inspired menu, stunning décor and warm ambiance puts them at the top of any foodies list. What makes Martina even more intriguing is the cocktail that requires no glass, and isn’t even listed on their menu – you have to ask the waitstaff if they have any available since they only make 12 per day. The cocktail, called “The Egg,” is served in an egg-shaped glass made of ice and sits atop what looks like a birds nest. Instagram-worthy dining at its finest.

Blue Door Pub: Jiffy burger

Peanut butter on a burger? Don’t knock it til you try it! The Jiffy Burger at Blue Door Pub (known for their Juicy Blucys) contains crunchy peanut butter, bacon, mayo and pickles and is stuffed with spicy pepper jack cheese. It’s glorious, melty, delicious and you will probably have to take a nap afterwards.

New Bohemia: Rattlesnake rabbit sausage

Forget your basic beef hot dog. New Bohemia is stepping up the sausage game with interesting meats like rattlesnake and rabbit. Don’t forget to try their giant soft pretzel. It’s bigger than your face and full of salty deliciousness. 

Taco Libre: The Machete

An 18-inch long masa dough tortilla filled with cheese, meat and all sorts of other stuffings, The Machete from Taco Libre is sure to impress (and fill you up!).

Hi-Lo Diner: Hi-tops

It’s not a donut, it’s not a biscuit, it’s a hi top! Hi-Lo Diner is known for their fried dough with unique toppings that somehow always go together. Go for savory with fixings like fried chicken, mac-n-cheese or curried shrimp. Treat your sweet side with custard, caramel or baked apples. Or indulge in any of their other delicious diner food. 

The Gary Cooper Hi-Top at Hi-Lo Diner

Anything at the Minnesota State Fair

From Sweet Martha’s giant bucket of chocolate chip cookies to deep fried avocado to pizza burritos, the State Fair has some of the most outrageous foods we’ve ever eaten. We dream about it all year long.

Angel Food Bakery: Letter donuts

Spell your name, wish someone a happy birthday or say congratulations in the best way possible -– lettered donuts! Why get a cake when you could get a box of donuts that perfectly conveys your message?

Angel Food Bakery, Photo by

Café Astoria: 24k latte

Looking for that Instagram-worthy coffee shot that actually tastes as good as it looks? Head to Café Astoria and order the 24k latte off of their secret menu. The drink is topped with real, edible gold. Ask the baristas for their other outrageous secret menu items!

Cafe Astoria Specialty Lattes

T-Rex ½ pound cookies

½ pound cookies. Need we say more? The sea salt caramel chocolate chip is our favorite. If that’s not your style, they have 18 other flavors that rotate daily. 

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