Where to Find the Best Juicy Lucy Burgers in Minneapolis

The Juicy Lucy is a Minneapolis staple. Never heard of it? Let us fill you in: a burger with melty cheese oozing out of the center of the patty instead of sitting passively on top. And if you are thinking that putting the cheese in the middle of the patty instead of on top can't make that much of a difference, you clearly have not experienced the joy of a Minneapolis Juicy Lucy. Don't worry, we're here to help. Here's where you can get the best Juicy Lucy burgers in Minneapolis.

Matt's Bar

A strong contender for the "Best Jucy Lucy in Minneapolis"—and yes, Matt's purposely spells it without the "i"—Matt's has a dive bar vibe with a straight forward menu that skips the fancy toppings and sticks to what they know: a really good burger. Make sure to bring cash or a check since they do not take cards.

Matt's claims to have come up with the original cheese-stuffed creation. Ask 5-8 Club, and they would disagree. These two iconic Juicy Lucy establishments compete for being the best in the city. 

5-8 Club

5-8 Club also claims to be the creator of the now highly sought after Juicy Lucy. They too take a no-frills approach to their burger, letting the melty cheese and juicy patty do the talking. We also highly recommend you get the giant basket of onion straws to accompany this cheesy goodness.

Blue Door Pub

Blue Door definitely does their Juicy Lucy's differently, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Their unique creations include The Blucy (bleu cheese & garlic), Mount Blucuvious (ghost pepper cheese, fried avocado, spicy bacon, and cilantro-lime sauce), or our personal favorite, the Jiffy (peanut butter, pepper jack cheese, bacon, mayo, pickles). Don't knock it 'til you try it.

Crooked Pint

With over 9 different Juicy Lucy options, there's plenty to choose from at Crooked Pint. Stick with the classic or go for something more adventurous like the Totcho—American cheese, a smashed jumbo tot, sour cream, romaine, bacon, and green onion. 

Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen is an iconic Minneapolis restaurant. It's where locals take their guests to experience the 35 foot bloody mary bar, where lemon ricotta hotcakes pair perfectly with live music, and where you can get a fantastic Juicy Lucy. Hell's Kitchen's version of the Juicy Lucy is the "Juicy Lucifer." Served with their housemade sweet & spicy red pepper jelly and easily customizable with plenty of add-ons to choose from, this is one Juicy Lucy you can really make your own. 

Ray J's

Ray J's has a pretty simple Juicy Lucy—a hand formed patty stuffed with American cheese—but it definitely does not disappoint. The bun is perfectly buttery yet crispy, the patty is nice and thick, and the melty American cheese just cannot be beat. We recommend ordering their wings to start—they claim to be the best in Minneapolis.