Top Places to Get a Burger in Minneapolis

Here in Minneapolis, we know a thing or two about a quality burger. From cheese-filled, to gourmet, to those burgers with a cult-like following, we've definitely got what you need when the burger craving strikes.

Matt's Bar

Ever heard of a Jucy Lucy? It’s a Minneapolis staple when it comes to burgers. The cheese is stuffed inside the beef patty instead of placed on top, creating a melty molten cheese center that oozes from the first bite. Matt's Bar claims to have created the original "Jucy Lucy" (5-8 Club would beg to differ). This small, no frills joint often attracts a line, but these gooey, tasty masterpieces are worth the wait.

5-8 Club

A little rivalry never hurt anyone, did it? 5-8 Club goes head to head with the aforementioned Matt's Bar, both maintaining creative ownership of the infamous cheese-filled burger. We all have our own opinions, but we'll let you try both and judge for yourself. At 5-8 Club, you can stick with the classic (American cheese), or you can stuff your Lucy your own way - choose from blue cheese, pepper jack, or Swiss.

Blue Door Pub

If you're looking for something light, Blue Door isn't your place. Their menu is filled with delicious, gut-busting creations that we would never in our right minds come up with ourselves. But they just work. Take the "Jiffy" - pepper jack cheese, peanut butter, bacon, mayo and pickles. If it sounds outrageous, that's because it is. But it's delicious. And it's one of our absolute favorite burgers in Minneapolis. If that's too over the top for you, try any of their standard Blucy's (Blue Door Juicy Lucy's) and be sure to give their totchos a try (nachos made with tater tots).

Red Cow

With 17 different burger choices, including a few meat-free options, Red Cow is definitely not lacking variety. Our personal favorite is the Double Barrel Burger - two patties, white American cheese, grilled onions, and special sauce. And we can never go without a side of their cheese curds with triple berry ketchup. To wash it all down, they have an extensive drink menu with plenty of options for beer fanatics, wine enthusiasts, cocktail seekers, and non-drinkers alike. 

Parlour Bar

This is it. The burger of all burgers. The bucket list burger. The cult burger. The "I'm so full but just one more bite" burger. The burger you'll return for, the burger you'll dream about. If you are only going to eat one burger in Minneapolis, make it this one! The concept is simple: Two smashed patties, white American cheese, pickles, and a crispy, buttery bun. Don't let the simplicity fool you. This is the type of melt-in-your-mouth burger that will make you question all others. It's best paired with a Parlour old fashioned and a side of fries with Swiss aioli. 


While we love Revival's fried chicken, their burger should not be overlooked. Another favorite among locals, this unexpected gem is worth every bite. Revival keeps it simple, reinforcing that sometimes the best burgers are the least complicated. Served on a lightly charred bun with melty American cheese and bread & butter pickles, this burger is a showstopper. Insider tip: Add the bacon.

112 Eatery

112 is always a favorite among local burger connoisseurs, but maybe lesser known to those who don't consider burgers a hobby. We're here to tell you: try this burger. A thick, perfectly cooked patty, melty brie cheese, and zesty, thinly-sliced pickles adorn the 112 burger. But what really makes it unique? The English muffin bun. Yep, it's served on a toasted English muffin and we wouldn't have it any other way! 


Instagram-worthiness aside, Martina has become a burger destination in Minneapolis. Their sought-after double cheeseburger is only available on their brunch menu, so if you're a fellow Martina burger seeker, keep that in mind. Martina's masterpiece is made of two patties, American cheese, and sliced pickles. Red onion, lettuce, and tomato come on the side, but this is one burger we like to keep pure. No vegetables, please. Melty cheese, tangy pickles, and a perfectly toasted bun will do.