Top Minneapolis Food Trucks You Need to Check Out

In Minneapolis our food truck culture booms in the summer months. From vegan, vegetarian gluten free, and everything in between, Minneapolis food trucks are sure to please all taste buds. This summer there are 6 food trucks that must be on your list whether you are a resident of the city or just passing by.

World Street Kitchen

World Street Kitchen (WSK) provides flavors from around the globe. Besides the truck, they also have a restaurant on Lyndale Avenue. WSK was started by brothers Sameh and Saed Wadi in 2012 with an emphasis on Asian, Caribbean and Mediterranean flavors. A fan favorite is their Yum Yum rice bowls with either Grilled Chicken, Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs, or Crispy Marinated Tofu. For desert try the Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Sea Salt Cookie to fulfill your sweet tooth craving. 

Where to find it: Downtown Minneapolis on weekday afternoons, big events

Herbivorous Butcher

Sister and brother duo Aubry and Kale Walch created Herbivorous Butcher with its deceiving meat-free meats. They also have a shop in Northeast Minneapolis. The menu will be familiar to carnivores, offering vegan and plant-based options that even meat lovers can devour. Their dairy-free cheeses include feta, queso dip and brie, while their meat-free deli options include items such as maple bacon, pastrami and beer brats! The menu changes monthly but some fan favorites include the Thai Mac and Cheese, Fried Chicken Sandwich, and Lobster Roll. 

Where to find them: Downtown on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays


Are you vegan or possibly considering the vegan diet? If so, then you need to check out Reverie, the home of vegan eats. The menu is entirely plant-based and changes seasonally. They offer “Bowls” and “Handhelds” with different vegan options including the Nachos Supreme and Meat-Free Bacon Fried Tempeh KBLT (Kimchi-BLT). Sides include potato wedges with aioli or ketchup, and creamy lemongrass slaw. If you are looking for an afternoon caffeine buzz check out their tasty Cold Press. At the end of 2019 they will have a new brick and mortar space coming to Minneapolis. 

Where to find it: at breweries and distilleries, festivals and fairs, farmer’s markets

Tru Pizza

Pizza is never a bad idea, and Tru Pizza is the only mobile wood-fired pizza truck that serves Neapolitan pizza in the Twin Cities. Every pizza order is an individual 12-inch pie with your choice of your choice of the Marinara, the classic Margherita, the Bianca, the house focaccia bread, or their alternating daily special. The pizzas are cooked in 60-90 seconds at 800-1000 degrees making it an easy run during your lunch break. 

Where to find it: at farmer’s markets, breweries, Downtown Minneapolis on weekday afternoons, and events

Purple People Feeder

Minneapolis is home to the Minnesota Vikings and the Purple People Feeder provides Vikings fans and those willing to enter Vikings country with a traditional Midwest taste. The menu is a meat-lovers dream, consisting of three main items: burgers, wings, and BBQ! Some of the most unique items include the Hot Ranch Burger, a hot sauce infused patty topped with bacon, pepper jack, ranch and sriracha mayo. You can try their wings with classic flavors or more eccentric tastes like mango habanero and bourbon brown sugar. 

Where to find it: at breweries, events, Vikings tailgating, and Downtown

Turbo Tacos 

Inspired by the Southern California surfing communities, Turbo Taco is more than your average street taco food. Turbo Taco provides a flavorful Baja style taste with fresh and sustainable ingredients.   They have 18 different types of tacos including a few typical favorites and other original recipes such as the Crab Cake Popper, Mexican Pot Roast, and Minnesota Walleye. 

Where to find them: Downtown,

Bonus food truck:

Lola on the Lake Food Truck (Temporarily replacing lakefront location under construction!)

While their brick and mortar restaurant is being rebuilt after an accidental fire, you can still indulge in your favorite wings, tacos and fish from the popular lakeside eatery! That’s right - Lola on the Lake is currently remaining open at Bde Maka Ska/Lake Calhoun in the form of a food truck. Located on the south side of the lake, beach-goers can satiate their midday summer appetites without wandering too far from the comfort of their towels. Follow their Facebook page to stay in the loop about food truck and new restaurant updates! 

Where to find it: the southside of Bde Maka Ska/Lake Calhoun