Top Minneapolis Food Trucks You Need to Check Out

In Minneapolis our food truck culture booms in the summer months. From vegan, vegetarian gluten free, and everything in between, Minneapolis food trucks are sure to please all taste buds. This summer these are the food trucks that must be on your list whether you are a resident of the city or just passing by.

Purple People Feeder

Minneapolis is home to the Minnesota Vikings and the Purple People Feeder provides Vikings fans and those willing to enter Vikings country with a traditional Midwest taste. The menu is a meat-lovers dream, consisting of three main items: burgers, wings, and BBQ! Some of the most unique items include the Hot Ranch Burger, a hot sauce infused patty topped with bacon, pepper jack, ranch and sriracha mayo. You can try their wings with classic flavors or more eccentric tastes like mango habanero and bourbon brown sugar. 

Where to find it: at breweries, events, Vikings tailgating, and Downtown

Turbo Tacos 

Inspired by the Southern California surfing communities, Turbo Taco is more than your average street taco food. Turbo Taco provides a flavorful Baja style taste with fresh and sustainable ingredients. They have 18 different types of tacos including a few typical favorites and other original recipes such as the Crab Cake Popper, Mexican Pot Roast, and Minnesota Walleye. 

Where to find them: Downtown and breweries

Que Tal Street Eats 

Que Tal is all about tradition and family and that really shows in their approach to running this popular food truck. They focus on being present within their community serving up authentic Salvadorian food made from family recipes passed down from one generation to another. They sell a whole variety of traditional pupusas, a griddle cake or flatbread made with cornmeal or rice flour and filled with anything from cheese to beans or meat.

Where to find them: Community events

Muddy Tiger Indian Street Food 

The menu at Muddy Tiger features Marathi cuisine, from the state of Maharashtra a western region of India. These bold flavors focus on ingredients of grains, legumes, vegetables, dairy products and spices. Owner Jyotiee Kistner makes these street foods accessible to all through her food truck traveling all over the city. While the menu is constantly rotating, some favorites include vada Pay, a spiced potato patty fried, with sweet-spicy and chunky peanut chutneys on a bun and the Pav bhaji also known as the "Indian Sloppy joe", a chunky mash of veggies in butter and spices, pickled cilantro-onions, inside a buttered-grilled New England style roll or toasted hoagie.

Where to find them: Breweries and Farmer's Markets

Potter's Pasties 

Want a little bit of English flavor in Minneapolis? Potter's Pasties serves up classic Cornish pasties stuffed with huge portions of vegetables and meat. The history of these flaky on-the go-snacks comes from English miners needing an easy handheld pie that they could take with them into the depths of the mines. Potter's makes their pasties from scratch including the dough and fillings. Choose from a traditional pasty, Thai veggie, chicken or pork.

Where to find them: Breweries, events, parks, neighborhoods