Zorro Comes to Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minn. February 8, 2012 – The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts is excited to present the premiere of Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre’s Zorro in the Land of the Golden Breasted Woodpecker (Moningwunakauning) February 24th through 26th in The Goodale Theater.

This major new work by Artistic Director and flamenco choreographer Susana di Palma will bring Zorro, masked crusader to Minnesota (in the shape-shifting form of the Ojibwe trickster Nanabozho) to rescue children from the government-sponsored boarding schools where Native Children were sent in an effort to wipe out their own cultures and foster total assimilation. Composer and virtuoso flamenco guitarist Pedro Cortes, Jr. will provide new music for the show. Zorro will provide many opportunities for the community to experience and learn about flamenco and Native music and dance.

Performers include local, national and international flamenco dancers and musicians, and will feature Ballet of the Dolls’ Myron Johnson as Father Odric. Di Palma will take on the role of Mother and Spanish born Antonio Granjero will play the title role.

Join Zorongo Flamenco and The Cowles Center for this thrilling theater dance production. Tickets are $28 plus handling fees and can be purchased by call 612.206.3600 or going online to www.thecowlescenter.org.


About Zorongo Flamenco

Susana di Palma founded Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre in 1982. Zorongo is one of the few American Spanish dance companies that present both traditional flamenco programs as well as original theater flamenco works. The company is comprised of an ensemble of international artists, dancers and musicians - renowned for bringing the power, passion and virtuosity of the art of flamenco to American audiences. Under the Artistic Direction of Ms. di Palma, and assisted by Musical Director Pedro Cortés, Jr., these innovative flamenco ballets are powerful and provocative theater experiences. The essence of Zorongo Flamenco's work combines the passionate soul of Spain with the lively innovative spirit of America and relates to contemporary audiences in a way that few companies do. Zorongo Flamenco brings the very essence of Spain to the performance hall.


About The Cowles Center

The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts is the Twin Cities' newest arts center and the flagship for dance in Minnesota. Centrally located in downtown Minneapolis, The Cowles Center includes the newly refurbished 500-seat Goodale Theater; the Hennepin Center for the Arts, home to 20 leading dance and performing arts organizations; the state-of-the-art Target Education Studio, housing The Cowles Center’s distance learning program; and the new U.S. Bank Atrium. The Cowles Center fills the need for a place that is a catalyst for the creation, presentation, education, enjoyment and celebration of dance and the performing arts in the Twin Cities. www.thecowlescenter.org.

Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre

Zorro in the Land of the Golden Breasted Woodpecker (Moningwunakauning)

Friday, February 24 – 8pm (Opening Night)

Saturday, February 25 – 8pm

Sunday, February 26 – 2pm

Single tickets - $28


Location: The Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts

528 Hennepin Avenue South at 6th Street, Minneapolis

Tickets: The Cowles Center Box Office


11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Tuesday – Friday and Saturday & Sunday two hours prior to performances

Online anytime at www.thecowlescenter.org

Group discounts are available




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Contact: Andrea Tonsfeldt