Best Brunch Spots in Minneapolis

Looking to settle the sweet and savory debate? There's no perfect time than brunch. Whether you wake up late from a night out or after a well deserved evening on the couch, we've all got one thing on our mind. Food! And not just any food: brunch, the Wonder Woman of meals. And there's no better place to satiate your biggest brunch cravings than Minneapolis!

One of the best things about weekend mornings is getting a little extra time to sleep in and then of course take advantage of a mid-day brunch. As a food writer and founder of Madison in Minneapolis I am constantly asked where to go for brunch. Lucky for me, Minneapolis has a fabulous brunch scene with options to please everyone from fried-chicken and donut lovers to healthy, granola fanatics. Check out some of my favorite picks for the perfect Minneapolis brunch.

For Brunch Cocktail Lovers: Martina 

Martina, located in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis, has one of the best brunches in town along with some of the best brunch cocktails I've ever had. I have to say, this place (whether intentionally or not) was designed with an Instagrammer in mind. Their tiled bar is in the center of the restaurant, and their cocktails are some of the most creative and beautiful I've seen in Minneapolis. It's a great spot for a group brunch so everyone can try multiple dishes. You must order the cheeseburger (that's not a suggestion, it's a requirement) along with a side or two of their potato churros. Martina's crab carbonara and lobster toast are also fabulous. If you plan to go, make a reservation in advance because it seems almost everyone has caught onto the magic that is Martina.

For a Classy Brunch: Kenwood Restaurant

Kenwood is so classy. The Minneapolis restaurant fills with sunlight that reflects beautifully on the leather furniture and gorgeous artwork. The food is upscale but not pretentious, and the service is always impeccable. I always come here for brunch, and I almost always order their Huevos Rancheros. The dish is gorgeous and delicious. During the day, the restaurant fills with sunlight, which makes everything more comfortable. I love to get here on the earlier side of a Saturday morning, order a coffee to enjoy with a slice of coffee cake, and then order my Huevos Rancheros of course. It's a great place to take parents who are in town for the weekend or the foodie friend you've been trying to impress.

For a Greasy and Delicious Brunch: Hi-Lo Diner 

Hi-Lo serves a large variety of brunch food, but their signature dish is a Hi-Top. Hi-Tops are donuts topped with a variety of things(from fried chicken to strawberries and cream cheese.) Most everything on the menu is very decadent and heavy, which goes along well with the diner feel of the Minneapolis restaurant. Their cocktails are so creative and unique, which is not at all what you'd expect from a typical diner. I have always been too full after my meal to try their dessert, but my-oh-my their pies look phenomenal from what I've seen on Instagram.

For A Quick and Easy Brunch: Rise Bagel Co.

Minneapolis has shortage of great, authentic bagel spots. Rise Bagel Co. helps improve this problem. This place was much anticipated (I was basically counting down the days until it opened) and it did not disappoint. Their bagels are boiled, topped on both sides (game changer), and baked, which results in chewy and crispy bagels. The shop is owned by two fabulous sisters, Jen and Kate, who made it a mission to taste test bagels from the poster children of bagel cities (Montreal, New York City, etc.) They came back to Minneapolis afterward to open Rise, and everyone in the city is so glad they did. There are plenty of places to sit and relax in the order-at-the-counter space, but it's also a great place to grab brunch and go.

For the Latin Food Brunch Lover: Hola Arepa  

Hola Arepa serves flavorful Latin food in a vibrant atmosphere – and they do brunch! They specialize in arepas, which are cornmeal cakes stuffed with delicious fillings such as Spanish sausage, sweet plantains, beans, and spicy sauces. Try their arepas benedict with sausage, poached eggs, spicy hollandaise, and other unique fillings. Don’t forget to order one of their brunch cocktails – they have some of the best in Minneapolis! 

For a Locally Sourced Brunch: Birchwood Café 

Minneapolis' Birchwood Café is a lovely all-day neighborhood café that is always packed full of families, couples, and groups of friends. You order at the counter and the inside is very casual. The brunch food is top notch as they source from local and organic suppliers. They also offer several gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan breakfast/brunch options. I love the savory waffle - it comes with an assortment of toppings and syrup. The Benedict is also very solid, mostly because the ham was so salty and the texture of the hollandaise was perfection.

For a True Nordic Brunch: Tullibee

Tullibee is located on the main floor of the Hewing Hotel in Downtown Minneapolis, a space that looks like the cover of an interior design magazine. It attracts trendy North Loopians who are looking for elevated Scandinavian food. I could totally live in the lobby of the Hewing and be happy. It's brown leather couches and squishy pillows alongside their dining tables make it super cozy and a great spot for a coffee date. The brunch menu has a great variety of healthy, hearty, and unique items including steel cut oatmeal, brisket hash, and cured salmon toast.