Gluten-Free and Vegan Bakeries with the Most Options

With or without dietary restrictions, you’ll love what’s coming out of these oven.

Who doesn’t get excited about the smell of freshly baked cookies or salivate at the sight of beautifully decorated cupcakes? But as most people with dietary restrictions have figured out, when it comes to bakeries you usually have to scour the menu to find something that will actually cater to your needs. Luckily, awareness for more gluten-free and vegan baked goods options is spreading and Minneapolis bakeries are up for the challenge. From triple chocolate cakes to cinnamon rolls to donuts we’ve found the bakeries that offer the most variety for your sweet cravings.

Gluten-Free Bakeries

Sift Gluten Free

Location: 4557 Bloomington Ave.
A bakery completely dedicated to gluten-free sweets and desserts is exactly what Sift Gluten Free has set out to establish. With this wide of a selection it’s going to be tough to not buy up the whole place. The owner Molly Miller gained a following from selling her products in farmers markets and popular coffee shops in the area, but now has her own store front. Most bakeries stick to specializing in a few different treats, but not this place. Here they attempt to create all types of gluten-free baked goods, things that those with dietary restrictions have only dreamed of eating in the past. Everything at Sift is labeled so you know exactly what you are getting.  

  • What to try: Cinnamon rolls, Eggnog Cupcakes, Chocolate Chocolate Donut
  • Also has vegan options.
Sift Donuts

French Meadow Bakery

Location: 2610 Lyndale Avenue S.
French Meadow Bakery is a staple in the Twin Cities, known for its organic and high quality ingredients. As the first certified organic bread bakery in the USA, this local favorite is a true pioneer. They have a huge menu that fulfills all types of special dietary needs and that includes a variety of bakery options. French Meadow’s food is so popular it even has its own stand at the Minnesota State Fair and a restaurant at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

  • What to try: Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake
  • Also has vegan options.
Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake, French Meadow

Nadia Cakes

Location: 11650 Fountains Dr. #207
Nadia’s wants to make sure everyone has the opportunity to try their cupcakes and thus have created a whole line of fittingly named “Gluten Aware” cupcakes. Known for its crazy and unique cupcake creations like “Unicorn Poop” (sounds gross, but is one of the most popular and magical flavors), they don’t want to leave anyone out of the fun. Winner of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars you better believe Nadia Cakes know their stuff when it comes to baking.

  • What to try: Peanut Butter Cupcake
Nadia Cakes

BitterSweet Gluten Free Bakery

Location: 2105 Cliff Rd. #5
On the outskirts of Minneapolis, you’ll find another completely gluten-free bakery. The variety here ranges from take-and-bake pizza crust to Christmas cookies, but they specialize in breads and cake, making it one of the rare places you can find fresh bread that meets all your gluten-free needs.

  • What to try: Almond Bundt Cake, Donut Holes, Lemon Bars, Cookies

Sassy Spoon

Location: 5011 34th Ave S.
Sassy Spoon’s restaurant menu is entirely gluten-free, which means they most definitely are serving up some gluten-free desserts fresh out the oven. Their selections vary depending on the day, but some of the sweets we’ve seen include a variety of cakes, whoppie pies, and turtle brownies

  • What to try: Whatever is on the menu that day!

Vegan Bakeries

Glam Doll Donuts

Locations: 2605 Nicollet Ave and 519 Central Ave NE
Glam Doll Donuts is one of the most, if the not THE most famous donut spot in Minneapolis. Aside from the Instagrammable creations and funky names it’s got the widest variety of Vegan donuts in the city. And don’t worry, just because you’re going vegan doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the crazy flavors. For example, the Chart Topper is a peanut butter and sriracha flavored donut! How is it that their vegan donuts taste so good? They are made with coconut milk, cornstarch and coconut oil base and fried in a soy and cottonseed oil shortening. Any fillings are made with dairy-free chocolate and assorted plant-based milks.

  • What to try: Misfit Donut
Glam Doll Donuts, Photo by Kelsey Lee Photography

Vegan East

Location: 2409 Lyndale Avenue South

In south Minneapolis is this totally vegan bakery and they’ve got plenty for you to choose from including many gluten-free options. For owner Shelia Nelson, baking vegan goods started off a just a hobby, but as she kept getting more and more request decided it was finally time to open up a store front. Vegan East has an assortment of tasty treats, but what will impress you the most is just how beautifully decorated the cakes and cupcakes are.

  • What to try: Cinnamon rolls, Any type of cake, Cheesecake
Vegan East Cookies