Traditional Mexican Bakeries Everyone With A Sweet Tooth Should Visit

Be prepared to discover a handful of spots selling freshly made Mexican treats right here in Minneapolis.

Walk through a panaderia (Spanish for bakery) and you’ll be dazzled by breads, cakes, pastries and cookies made of all shapes, sizes and colors. In Minneapolis these bakeries have become cornerstones to our Mexican American communities, whipping up familiar and authentic recipes for every occasion. Whether it's seasonal eats like pan de muerto, or a classic favorite like orejas you’re likely to find it at one of our local Minneapolis panaderias.

1. Durango Bakery

This Northeast neighborhood bakery, is known for making daily fresh churros. They guarantee using only local ingredients for all their tasty treats. Check out their vast selection of goodies and of course don’t forget to pick up a tres leches mini cake on the way out

2. El Mexicano Bakery

You can find this traditional Mexican bakery at the popular Mercado Central. They take pride in their authentic bread and cake recipes, which makes this the perfect spot to grab an order of pan de muerto (bread of the dead) during the Dia de Muertos holiday. At all other times of the year try their special napolitano flan.

3. Marissa’s Supermarket & Bakery

Marissa’s started out as a small bakery on the corner of the infamous Eat Street and is now a major grocery store, meat market and deli. But don’t worry you can still get your sweet fix here. Whether it’s gigantic cookies, dulce de leche flan, or a batch of pan de muerto to decorate your ofrenda, you’ll always find a delicious assortment of treats.

4. Panaderia San Miguel

Right along East Lake Street is a bakery especially popular with the locals in the area. At Panaderia San Miguel you’ll get an authentic, traditional Mexican bakery experience. Just grab a pair on tongs and start choosing your favorites. The baked goods here are so inexpensive, you won’t know when to stop filling your tray. In the summer you can even get your hands on ice cream concha sandwiches!

5. La Mexicana

A supermarket for all types of Mexican goods, La Mexicana also has a robust bakery section. Many locals come here to specifically seek out their delicious sweet creations. Made fresh daily, come check out their vast array of options.

Bonus: Panaderia Ecuatoriana "Charito"

Technically this is an Ecuadorian bakery, but we had to include it in our list since they sell a variety of Mexican treats and baked goods. During the Dia de los Muertos holiday they are a great spot to pick up an order of pan de muerto as well.