Find Craft Breweries in Minneapolis

Get a taste for Minneapolis at any of our local craft breweries! From weekend drinkers and water sippers to dog lovers and food enthusiasts, there's a Minneapolis brewery for every kind of food and drink fanatic.

Minneapolis Breweries

56 Brewing: Minneapolis, MN
56 Brewing brings beer lovers together while highlighting the Northeast Minneapolis community and culture. Their high-quality craft beer is produced at a lower volume in a micro-brewery, allowing brewers to focus on quality and consistency. 

*Open for patio seating, takeout, and curbside pickup.

612 Brew: Minneapolis, MN
612Brew produces small batch beers of the highest quality to satisfy the craft beer enthusiast and weekend beer drinker. The quality ingredients used in the line of beers are sourced as close to Minneapolis as possible, bringing true meaning to local beer.

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Able Seedhouse: Minneapolis, MN  
Able Seedhouse was started by a few guys who wanted to make things together. The brewery's name lends to one's ability to do anything. Able Seedhouse values locally sourced grains and aims to continue pushing the benefits of Minnesota small grains. Forging relationships with farmers, scientists, bakers, distillers, food companies, other brewers and their own customers is of high importance to the community of Able.     

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Bauhaus Brew Labs: Minneapolis, MN 
Bauhaus Brew Labs flaunts a community of "forward drinkers" and celebrates the joys of art and craft in our daily lives. Bauhaus has designed their beer to ignite the drinker's senses and make their wildest dreams come true.

*Open for patio seating, takeout, and delivery.

Boom Island Brewing: Minneapolis, MN 
Specializing in unique, Belgian-inspired craft brews, Boom Island’s beer is like a symphony of exceptional flavors; a traditional style with an untraditional brewer. Founded by two professional French horn players, the brewery has successfully channeled their creativity into the brews they produce.

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, takeout, and curbside pickup.

Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative: Minneapolis, MN

Broken Clock is a member owned cooperative in Northeast Minneapolis that creates high quality experiences and beer through collaboration and service within the community. They have over 685 members and counting! 

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Clockwerks Brewing: Minneapolis, MN
At Clockwerks, they have a passion for session beers — flavorful, drinkable, well-balanced styles that make you want to take another sip, and then another. Think solid lagers, traditional bocks, session IPAs, and various light-bodied ales. Their session beers feature a balance between malt and hop characters with a clean finish. In addition to their session beers, they typically have 1–2 big flavor, seasonal specialties in rotation. Check out their menu to see what's being poured! 

*Temporarily closed.

Dangerous Man Brewing Co.: Minneapolis, MN 
This destination microbrewery and taproom focuses on high-quality, small-batch production beers with ever-changing taps. This brewery is a hub for beer lovers and those looking for everything from traditional to extreme in their brews. Their flagship is the peanut butter porter. You've got to try it!

*Taproom is temporarily closed, but the new beer alley is open!

Day Block Brewing Co.: Minneapolis, MN 
Day Block is one of the few breweries in the downtown metro offering food, beer and a full-service bar. You’ll find pizza, sandwiches, salads and a variety of bar snacks. But this isn’t your typical bar food. Almost all of their ingredients are locally produced and their food is made from scratch. You won’t just find your typical cheese or pepperoni pizza, they offer Bahn Mizza, Crab Rangoon, and Pollo Diablo among others. Their salads are fresh and full of flavor. You can even build your own if that’s more your style. If you’re looking for something different and unique, try their bacon and pickle flights. Pair with a beer and you are set!

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Eastlake Craft Brewery: Minneapolis, MN 
This brewery and taproom brews post-modern American and traditional European beers. With craftsman-brewed ales and lagers for die-hard beer fans, Eastlake also has non-alcoholic options for non-drinkers, under 21-year olds, and gluten-free individuals. 

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, takeout, and delivery.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative: Minneapolis, MN 
Minnesota’s first cooperative brewery puts the natural connection between the brewer and community to work. Fair State produces something great by creating infinite community paired with quality beers.

*Open for patio seating, takeout, and curbside pickup.

Falling Knife Brewing Co.: Minneapolis, MN
This 20-barrel brewhouse is willing to take some risks – even if it means a few cuts along the way. This spot also offers table service – something you won’t find at most breweries! Just beyond the main taproom is a smaller room with TVs and pinball machines for sports and gaming fans.

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Finnegans: Minneapolis, MN
Drink local, give local. Finnegans Brew Co. is the first beer company in the world to donate 100 percent of its profits to charity and continues to donate 100 percent of its profits to feeding the hungry. Oh yeah, their beer is delicious too!

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, takeout, and curbside pickup.

Freehouse Brewery: Minneapolis, MN 
Freehouse offers a brewery, full bar, and restaurant all in one. Their staple beers aren't to be passed up, but if you're looking to drink outside the box, they've always got something creative on the menu. 

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, curbside pickup, and delivery.

Fulton Beer: Minneapolis, MN 
Claiming the title of Minnesota’s first legal taproom, Fulton Beer has produced some of Minnesota’s most popular beers, including Sweet Child of Vine IPA, The Lonely Blond, and The Libertine. 

*Open for taproom seating and patio seating.

Headflyer Brewing: Minneapolis, MN
To be a HeadFlyer is to boldly step outside your comfort zone, pursue possibility and take on the unknown. The taproom is warm, friendly and welcoming, but their beers are bold, flavorful, and edgy. Spend some time in their sun-filled taproom, or take it to the patio when the temps are up!

*Open for indoor seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Inbound Brew Co.: Minneapolis, MN 
Located in the North Loop, Inbound is a craft brewery and taproom that's all in on beer. They experiment and refine the most drinkable, impressive beer in town. Their menu is organized by Light, Funky, Hoppy, and Dark, so you can easily find what you like. They also offer non-alcoholic options like kombucha and soda.

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Indeed Brewing Co.: Minneapolis, MN 
Nestled along train tracks in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, Indeed is a full-scale production brewery with an eclectic line-up of distinctive flagship brews, well-loved seasonal releases, and adventurous specialty beers. They don’t just brew beer, they craft experiences. “We Are Thirsty Creatures Indeed.” 

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Insight Brewing: Minneapolis, MN 
Insight pushes the boundaries of what a beer should be. In a good way. From double dry hopped IPA's, to a gin and tonic style brew, to a strawberry blonde ale, you'll always find something to get you out of your comfort zone.

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and curbside pickup.

La Doña Cervecería: Minneapolis, MN
La Doña is a unique for-benefit brewery, taproom and entertainment space in Minneapolis that fuses Latin culture and The North. They are brewing a collection of authentic beers inspired by both Latin America and Minnesota. You might know their cervezas as Doña Chela, the original brand created by the founder Sergio Manancero.

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Lakes and Legends Brewing Co.: Minneapolis, MN 
A relaxing and comfortable home away from home, Lakes and Legends brewery and taproom is the perfect place to socialize over community tables or a game of hammerschlagen. They're truly dedicated to the quality of their beer, and showcase their farming partners as much as possible.

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, takeout, and curbside pickup.

LynLake Brewery: Minneapolis, MN 
LynLake Brewery is a bustling Uptown spot featuring a lineup of high-quality flagship craft beers, with seasonal rotations and specialties. They're best known for their rooftop patio and bar for relaxation when the weather is right.

*Open for taproom seating, patio/rooftop seating, and takeout.

Modist Brewing: Minneapolis, MN 
Named one of the best new breweries in the Unites States by BeerAdvocate in 2016, Modist’s brewhouse allows them to make beers that are traditionally impossible. With a philosophy of creativity, their Head Brewer starts with a flavor and experience in mind, then works backward. Every beer crafted creates a new experience.

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub: Minneapolis, MN 
Unlike most brewery taprooms, Northbound is a full-service brewpub with a restaurant and full bar. Consistently crafting adventurous top-notch beers, Northbound is an award-winning brewpub with mentions in the City Pages ‘Best Of’ issues, USA Today’s ‘Top 20 Brewpubs’ and a Silver Medal from the World Beer Cup. 

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Pryes Brewing Company: Minneapolis, MN
Enjoy riverside views on the patio, order food from their guest kitchen, watch a game of feather bowling (what?!), or get cozy in the lounge. And don't forget to try their signature brew, the Miraculum IPA.

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Rock Bottom Brewery: Minneapolis, MN 
Rock Bottom is passionate about pints and maniacal for malts. While they pride themselves on their remarkably consistent qualities of beer, they’re just as dedicated to letting the personality, experience and expertise of each Brewmaster shine through. With a food menu to pair with your brew, Rock Bottom has everything you need.

*Open for indoor & outdoor seating.

Sisyphus Brewing: Minneapolis, MN 
Craft beers, brewed without a purpose, for a greater purpose. Sisyphus features eight beers on tap, with live comedy and events to keep the atmosphere lively.

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, takeout, and curbside pickup.

Surly Brewing Co.: Minneapolis, MN
Surly Brewing Co.'s philosophy is better poured than written. The beer is what matters most, above everything else. With food options, a beautiful patio, and outdoor firepits, Surly is the perfect place to spend any evening. 

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout. Please note - the taproom will close indefinitely on November 2.

Town Hall Brewery: Minneapolis, MN
Town Hall is a gathering place, a space to spend time with friends – both old and new. Their award-winning brews and comfortable atmosphere make Town Hall a brilliant stop for a pint.

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Utepils Brewing: Minneapolis, MN 
At Utepils, good living comes from good brewing. This full-scale craft brewery gets its name from the Norwegian word which refers to “the longing and anticipation for the first beer enjoyed in the sunshine.” Minnesotans near and far can relate to the anticipation of spring and enjoyment of the first pint outdoors – making a perfect name for an outstanding Minnesotan brewery.

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, and takeout.

Venn Brewing: Minneapolis, MN
From full flavored craft lagers to carefully brewed ales, Venn's beers are meant to be enjoyed while catching up with old friends or while making new ones. They're a local company with global inspiration and a passion for awesome beer. So swing by, belly up to the bar, and raise a glass to good times. (They also have locally made kombucha!)

*Open for taproom seating and takeout.

Wild Mind Artisan Ales: Minneapolis, MN
Specializing in wild, farmhouse, saison and rustic ales with old-world style and new world flair, Wild Mind is carefully chaotic. Their beers are designed to buck convention and stretch the flavor profiles of what beer can be.

*Open for taproom seating, patio seating, delivery, and curbside pickup.