Bring Minneapolis Restaurants Into the Comfort of Your Home With These Meal and Cocktail Kits

Throughout the last several months of the pandemic, many restaurants in the Twin Cities have pivoted from traditional takeout to at-home meal kits and cocktail kits.

Hola Arepa Cocktail Kit

The kits typically require minimal prep or cooking at home, often resulting in fresher, restaurant quality meals and drinks in the comfort of your home! Local food writer Madison in Minneapolis provides several spots in Minneapolis that are offering fun kits below. 

Meal Kits

Keep it Grand Meal Kits by Jamie Malone

Chef Jamie Malone (of Eastside and the former Grand Café space) is offering gourmet meal kits unlike anything else in the city. Each box can be curated to your unique preferences, or you can choose from preset kits such as the Le Snackie box (filled with Hors d'oeuvres), a brunch kit, a dinner kit, and more. They also offer special add-ons such as flower bouquets, candles, sherry kits, and watercolor kits. I did Le Snackie box - filled with cheese, fancy meat, potato chips, and cocktail wieners - a perfect way to end a long work week! I also did a dinner kit and a brunch kit – both equally as delightful. The variety of their kits allow you to never have the same experience twice!

Broder’s Pasta Bar

We all need a little more pasta these days, right? Broder’s has an extensive menu of take-and-bake options including lasagna, fresh pasta by the pound, a variety of sauces, and wine to go! I held a “pasta sampler” dinner using fresh ingredients from Broder’s, and it was a hit with my family! 

France 44

France 44 is basically a foods-lover’s Disney World. Of course they offer everything you could possibly need to create an epic chacueterie board (cheeses, meats, dips, spreads), but they also order take-and-bake appetizers and meals. These meals include meatballs, pigs in a blanket, chicken pot pies, soups, and lots of seafood options. 

P.S. Steak

Steak is not known to carry well for takeout, which is why P.S. Steak is offering packaged grill kits. The grill kits come with the raw meat (ready for you to cook at home), house made steak sauce, seasoning salt, and a complimentary gift card. Cooking the steak at home was a great date night plan for us, as it provided a restaurant-quality dinner in the coziness of our home. This is a great gift idea as well! 

Hola Arepa

Check out Hola Arepa’s at home meal kits! The kits are great for small get togethers or just a way to spice up your normal weeknight dinner routine. They come in a variety of sizes and include arepas, meat, sauces, rice, and more! The fun part about these kits is they can be used for any meal of the day. Just add eggs to your arepa and you have yourself a unique and yummy breakfast. 


Along with their standard menu, Barbette is offering high-end but affordable meal kits like Halibut en Papillote, Ratatoulle, Cassolette, Coq au Vin, sides, and desserts. Perfect for a cozy date night in! 

Parlour Bar

You can make the famous Parlour burger at home! Parlour is offering a burger kit that includes ground chuck, ribeye, and brisket patties, egg buns, white American cheese, and instructions on how to create at home. They also offer several cocktail kits to go along with! I personally loved the burger kit paired with a Parlour Old Fashioned. 

Cocktail Kits

Hola Arepa and Hai Hai

Hola Arepa and Hai Hai offer unique and delicious cocktail kits for any occasion! My personal favorite is their spin on margaritas. You pick up the kits and just add your spirit of choice. 


Speaking of margaritas, Centro offers cocktail kits that make 4 drinks each. I get my favorite prickly pear margarita kit, add mezcal, and pretend I’m on a beach somewhere warmer. 

Red Cow

Need some restaurant-quality Bloody Mary mix for an upcoming football game? Red Cow has you covered. Red Cow also offers other classic cocktail kits including the old fashioned, mimosa, and hot toddy. Hint: they also provide wing and burger kits to go with the cocktails!


Get your favorite tasting room cocktails at home and impress your family and friends! Tattersall offers mixers (like pear maple fig, blueberry habanero, peach rosemary) along with bottles of their liquor. I served these at Christmas, and they were a hit all around. 

Minnesota Pure & Clear Ice

Want to spice up your cocktails? I highly recommend grabbing some ice from Minnesota Pure & Clear. In my opinion, clear and beautiful ice only enhances the quality of your cocktail. My favorite shapes are “The Rock” and “The Sphere.” Be careful, because if you’re like me, you’ll never be able to tolerate “normal” ice again!