We Need Us Toolkit

Help spread the word to support local Minneapolis businesses.

If we want our favorite places to survive, we need to keep showing up for them. To support the things we love about our city and fight for what we want to change. To be intentional. To shape our community from the small businesses up. Only we can create the Minneapolis we want to live in.

We Need Us is a rallying cry for us to support our community.  We need to make an effort to support small businesses and neighborhoods.  These businesses have been there for us through good and bad times. Let’s show them some love. Every little bit can help. 

Please join Meet Minneapolis in spreading the word with your own community, customers, friends and neighbors. Share it on your social channels, your website, in your storefronts and in your doorways!   Below you will find various graphics that you can use to share the word about this important effort. 

Not finding what you're looking for?  Please contact Nicole Oja at NicoleO@Minneapolis.org and we’ll get you what you need!

Minneapolis is all of us. Minneapolis needs all of us. We need us!

We Need Us! Graphics

We want to make it easy for you to help spread the word! Simply download our We Need Us graphics and use them on your social channels, on your website, and in your storefronts.

Download Files (includes social graphics, website banners, poster and flyer)

Neighborhood Graphics: We Need <Neighborhood>

From the corner cafe that serves our favorite coffee to the bookstore that could entertain us for hours, we rely on our neighborhoods for so much, and now they're relying on us. Help support them by spreading the word and sharing the graphics below.

Download Files:

Minneapolis Graphics

Cedar Riverside Graphics

South Minneapolis Graphics

Franklin Ave Graphics

Lake Street Graphics

Northeast Graphics

Uptown Graphics

Northside Graphics 

Customizable Graphics: We Need <Insert Business>

Not seeing exactly what you're looking for? We've made customizable graphics so you can promote your local business. Simply download, insert the name of your business, and share to help spread the message.

Download Files (includes social graphics, website banners, poster and flyer)