Nice Ride Bike Share

Top reasons to try biking with Nice Ride, as well as some insider tips to help you along the way!

There’s nothing like exploring Minneapolis by bike. When the weather is nice and you can feel the excitement of the hustle and bustle outside, it makes you want to get moving. Whether you’re headed to the lakes, or hopping on the light rail for a Twins game, the energy in the city is vibrant. What we’re most excited for, though, is the opportunity to get back on our bikes. As the 6th Best Bike City, we have commuters, exercisers and seasoned riders who bike year-round. But for most of us, spring is the perfect time to feel the wind in our hair again. With our city-wide bike share program back on the streets, it’s time to get back on the bike. 

Why you should roll with Nice Ride:

row of nice ride bikes lined up outside the convention center

1. It’s easy!

With over 200 stations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, it’s easy to find a spot to rent and return your bike. Rent from the station nearest you, and return your bike to any other station. Bike to lunch, your favorite shop, or just go for fun. Bike lanes are set up for your protection, making it easy and safe to navigate downtown. If you’re looking for scenery, bike the river. There are paths along the Mississippi River – take advantage of them!

Tip: Download the Nice Ride app. It’s free to download and gives you all of the information you need, right at your fingertips. Find the nearest station, rent and unlock bikes, manage your membership and more.

2. It’s wallet-friendly

Purchasing a bike can be expensive, and the upkeep is time consuming. Let Nice Ride take the stress out of bike riding. Sign up for a yearly membership or 30 day pass, or pay as you go! They offer 24-hour and 30 minute passes for $6 and $3, respectively, so you can ride as you please. Learn more about the pricing. 

3. It’s a healthy alternative

Reduce your carbon footprint, forget about traffic and get your body moving! Spring is beautiful in Minneapolis, so spend it outside. Feel the sun on your face and watch the beautiful flowers come back to life. Get your blood pumping and enjoy the fresh air. We’d all like to be a little healthier. Here’s a fun way to do it!

Wondering how you can get involved with Nice Ride?