Registration Services

Meet Minneapolis has partnered with Pro Staff to manage additional staff needs. Personnel are available for many positions, including preparation of registration packets, badge typists, delegate registration, monitors, information desk clerks and exhibitor registration.

Regular Pricing and Rates

  • $20.40 per hour per person (4 hour minimum)
  • $23.75 per hour per supervisor (Recommended for 5 or more employees)

Overtime Pricing and Rates

  • Overtime is any hours over 40 hours worked Monday – Sunday (per individual)
  • $30.60 per hour per person
  • $35.63 per hour per supervisor 

Pro Staff administers the payroll for personnel and will invoice at the conclusion of the meeting for all personnel charges. All personnel are paid for the time they report to work until the time they are dismissed, including time for briefings, meals and breaks.  In a typical nine-hour work day, we recommend scheduling two 15-minute breaks and one 30-minute meal period.

Please sign and return this form along with the registration request form if you decide to utilize Pro Staff.