iDSS Destination Management System awarded U.S. Patent

iDSS Destination Management System awarded U.S. Patent

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iDSS receives U.S. Patent for its Destination Management System


 (Minneapolis) – July 15, 2013 - Destination marketing industry software innovator iDSS announced today that it has received a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, recognizing  its industry leading business platform for destination marketing.


iDSS General Manager Mark Lynch and CEO Melvin Tennant, CAE, announced this long-awaited development in tourism software systems. “Our Destination Management System, created in 2004, was an innovation that led the evolution of how destination marketing organizations  use technology”, said Tennant.  Lynch  added, “Software solutions that are accessible and hosted on the Internet were nearly nonexistent when we started. Today it is commonplace, almost expected.”


The iDSS system features a “Partner Interface,” or extranet, whereby partners receive and respond to business leads in a secure portal. This allows for a quick turnaround to the DMO and the multiple partner responses to the client’s inquiry aggregated into one concise bureau response. This methodology is critically important when an event requires multiple hotel or event venues within a city or region. iDSS’ system was designed to accommodate these circumstances.


“This recognition by the Patent Office validates our creativity and innovation in supporting the good work of destination marketing organizations across the U.S. and  the world,” Tennant said,“Though this process took nearly a decade, it was well worth the wait for such an innovative business solution for destination marketing.”


About iDSS

iDSS is an industry leading Customer Record Management (CRM)/Content Management System (CMS) platform that destination marketing organizations (DMOs) use to automate their business activities within a singular platform.  Based in Minneapolis, iDSS has clients across the United States as well as across the world. iDSS now holds patents in the United States of America and Australia.


Media Contact: Mark Lynch, General Manager, iDSS, Inc. | 612/767-7822 |

Australian Patent: 2005214930 | U.S. Patent: 2005214930