5 Minneapolis Locations Made Famous by Mary Tyler Moore

Get a quintessential Minneapolis experience at these iconic Mary Tyler Moore Show locations.

1. Mary Tyler Moore Statue

Nicollet and 7th Street

  • The Mary Tyler Moore statue was commissioned by TV Land and placed at the corner of Nicollet Mall and 7th Street in 2002, near the site of the iconic final shot in the opening credits, when Mary throws her tam in the air.

2. The Mary Tyler Moore House

2104 Kenwood Pkwy.

  • This is the house that was used for exterior shots of Mary’s apartment for the first five seasons of the show. She lived on the top floor and Rhoda lived in the attic apartment.

3. RSM Plaza

801 Nicollet Mall

  • This building was used for exterior shots of the offices of WJM-TV, where Mary worked.

4. Riverside Plaza

1600 6th St. S.

  • This community of colorful skyscrapers was used for exterior shots of Mary’s new apartment beginning in the 6th season of the show.

5. IDS Center Crystal Court

80 8th St. S.

  • Several shots from the opening credits for the later seasons were filmed here, including Mary riding up the escalator and dining on the balcony above the Crystal Court at what is now the Jolliet House restaurant. 

In 1996, Mary Tyler Moore spoke with MPR News about taking her own pilgrimage around the city of Minneapolis. She reminisced about her emotional attachments to the city and her intimate relationship with her fictional character, Mary Richards.