The Mary Tyler Moore Statue

The Mary Tyler Moore statue in downtown Minneapolis honors the character who turned the world on with her smile.

Now that construction on Nicollet is complete The Mary Tyler Moore statue has finally returned home to its original location at Nicollet and 7th Street! A beloved attraction by fans, tourists and locals since it first arrived on Nicollet in 2001, the statue captures the iconic moment Mary throws her tam in the air during the opening credits of the 1970s hit TV Show. The statue is easy to find and is only two blocks down from the Nicollet Mall METRO station. Visitors are encourage to seek out the statue any time and take as many photos as they can emulating the classic hat throwing scene. 

Honoring Mary Tyler Moore

Meet Minneapolis recognizes the impact Mary Tyler Moore had on the city and her the loss in 2017 was felt by the entire community. Her 1970s sitcom put Minneapolis on the map in the now-classic Mary Tyler Moore Show. During her long and successful career, she starred in more than 50 television shows and 15 films, winning six Emmys, a Tony Award and an Academy Award nomination.

“Mary Tyler Moore played the most famous TV resident Minneapolis has ever had,” said Meet Minneapolis President and CEO Melvin Tennant. “Mary Richards was a character so many people looked up to for her independence, her humor and her spirit. To have her associated with our city has been an honor over the years."

“The 1970s were a time when IDS Center was rising from the ground, Nicollet Mall was still new, and lots of change was coming to Minneapolis,” Tennant said. “The Mary Tyler Moore show, with its images of Minneapolis and frequent references to the city, really brought our growing city onto a national stage. For many people who don’t live here, the Mary Tyler Moore show is what created the image they have in their head of our city—the downtown streetscape, our lakes and parks, the Crystal Court, Jolliet House (formerly Basil's) and the Kenwood house with the apartment everyone loved. Mary Tyler Moore and her most famous character are indelibly tied to Minneapolis.”

Other Mary Tyler Moore Locations in Minneapolis

Get a quintessential Minneapolis experience at these four iconic Mary Tyler Moore Show locations:

  1. Lake of the Isles: During the opening and closing credits, this is the lake Mary is seen walking around.
  2. IDS Crystal Court: Where Mary is seen shopping in the opening credits, located across the street from the statue
  3. Kenwood House: The house Mary lived in, located at 2104 Kenwood Parkway.
  4. Jolliet House (formerly Basil's): Where Mary is seen having lunch in the opening credits. Have breakfast or brunch in the same spot Mary ate at—overlooking the 3rd floor via the Marquette Hotel—located at IDS Center, 7th and Nicollet.

Links to celebrate Mary Tyler Moore's legacy in Minneapolis