Revisit Your Favorite Mighty Ducks Moments at These Minneapolis Locations

As the State of Hockey, it was only natural that Disney decided to film much of the Mighty Ducks movie trilogy in the Twin Cities during the 1990s. Fans will be excited to know that Minneapolis played a big role during the shooting of some famous scenes and can see them first-hand.

In anticipation of the upcoming Disney+ series "The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers", we put together a comprehensive list of all the best moments from the original movies filmed at our favorite Minneapolis locations and beyond. Take a tour and re-live your favorite scenes in-person.

"The Mighty Ducks" locations in Minneapolis

a group of photos showing people walking in city center skyway, mickey's diner, ids center and rice park at night
Site (in order of appearance)AddressScene
IDS Center80 South 8th StreetGordon Bombay & Mr. Duckworth's office
Peavey Field Park730 East 22nd StreetBombay meets the team for the first time
Parade Ice Garden600 Kenwood ParkwayFirst District 5 games vs. the Hawks
Augsburg Ice Arena2323 Riverside AvenueDistrict 5's practice rink
Theodore Wirth Chalet1301 Theodore Wirth ParkwayBombay and the team visit Hans' Sport Shop
City Center skyway across Nicollet600 NicolletRollerblading in downtown Minneapolis
Gaviidae Common651 NicolletRollerblading in downtown Minneapolis

Other "The Mighty Ducks" locations

Site (in order of appearance)CityScene
New Hope Ice ArenaNew HopeSeveral hockey game scenes
Stearns County CourthouseSt. CloudCourtroom scenes
Minnetonka Ice ArenaMinnetonkaTwo hockey game scenes
Cook Memorial Arena (demolished)Coon RapidsDucks vs. the Cardinals
Mickey's DinerSt. PaulBombay meets with Charlie Conway
Met Center (demolished)BloomingtonThe Ducks meet North Stars Mike Modano & Basil McRae, go open skating, and watch a North Stars/Whalers game
Rice ParkSt. PaulBombay and Casey Conway go on a date
West 7th Street & St. Peter StreetSt. PaulFinal scene - Bombay says goodbye to the Ducks

"D2: The Mighty Ducks" locations

gallery of photos that show the hennepin ave bridge at night, exterior of Kramarczuk Deli, woman walking her dog in on a snowy stone arch bridge, and the exterior of the mall of america building

Early in "D2: The Mighty Ducks," Charlie Conway embarks on a Rollerblade tour around the Twin Cities to reunite the Ducks for the Jr. Goodwill Games. Recreating that sequence today would be a 50-mile trip around Minneapolis, Bloomington and St. Paul, and would take about 4.5 hours by Rollerblade. See below a listing of the locations the Ducks visited on their skating adventure, or check out this Google Earth tour for a closer look at each of the sites.

Site (in order of appearance)AddressScene
Adams Apartments500 South 10th StreetBombay visits Charlie at his family's apartment
Emerson Spanish Immersion1421 Spruce PlaceCharlie skates to get Jesse who is playing roller hockey
Mall of America2131 Lindau Lane (Bloomington)Charlie & Jesse skate through the Mall of America to get Averman at the movie theater
Nickelodeon Universe2131 Lindau Lane (Bloomington)The Ducks skate through Nickelodeon Universe on their way out of the mall
Stone Arch Bridge7 Portland AvenueThe Ducks skate under the bridge on the west side of the Mississippi River
St. Anthony Falls Visitor Center1 Portland AvenueThe Ducks pick up Connie & Guy, stopping them from a kiss overlooking St. Anthony Falls
Merriam Street BridgeMerriam StreetThe Ducks skate through road construction over the bridge
Kramarczuk Sausage Company215 E Hennepin AvenueThe Ducks pick up Goldberg at his family's deli
Hennepin Avenue BridgeHennepin AvenueThe Ducks skate across the bridge over the Mississippi River
Irvine Park251 Walnut Street (St. Paul)The Ducks skate down a hill and through a fountain
Lowry Hill neighborhoodMt Curve AvenueThe Ducks pick up Adam Banks at his family's home
Peavy Fountain2384 W Lake of the Isles ParkwayThe Ducks begin their skate around Lake of the Isles
Lake of the Isles BridgeW Lake of the Isles ParkwayThe Ducks cross a bridge before running into some members of the Hawks
Band Box Diner729 South 10th StreetBombay reunites with the Ducks

Other "D2: The Mighty Ducks" locations

Site (in order of appearance)CityScene
New Hope Ice ArenaNew HopeOpening Minnehaha Waves scene
7th Street & Wabasha St. PaulBombay gets off the bus after coming home from pro hockey
Blake Ice ArenaHopkinsThe Ducks have their first practice after getting back together
Interstate State ParkSt. Croix Falls, WIRollerblade training before heading to the Jr. Goodwill Games
Parade Ice Garden
MinneapolisSite of first five games of the Jr. Goodwill Games
The Blake SchoolMinneapolisThe Ducks fall asleep at school

"D3: The Mighty Ducks" locations in Minneapolis

photo gallery of the entrance building to lakewood cemetary, a man and woman riding a rollercoaster at nickelodeon universe in mall of america, a frozen minnehaha falls waterfall, and a enclosed walkway at minnehaha park
Site (in order of appearance)AddressScene
Minnehaha Regional Park4801 S Minnehaha DriveGoldberg skates down a long flight of stairs
Lakewood Cemetery
3600 Hennepin Avenue S
Hans' funeral
Emerson Spanish Immersion1421 Spruce PlaceThe Ducks gather for the last time to play roller hockey

Other "D3: The Mighty Ducks" locations

Site (in order of appearance)CityScene
College of St. CatherineSt. PaulOpening school scenes
Shattuck-St. Mary's SchoolFaribault
Several school scenes
Summit HillSt. Paul
Rollerblade scene
Columbia Ice Arena (demolished)Fridley
All hockey scenes
Carleton CollegeNorthfield
Cafeteria scene
Mickey's DinerSt. PaulCasey Conway's workplace
Herbie's on the on ParkSt. PaulDinner scenes
Nickelodeon UniverseBloomingtonCharlie and Fulton play hooky from school