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Exploring Minneapolis's Historic Attractions: Trolley Tours & A New Kind of Bed and Breakfast

Explore Minneapolis's vibrant history, art, and architecture through the lens of Minneapolis Trolley Tours, complemented by a stay at the enchanted 300 Clifton Bed & Breakfast, Trolley Tours begin at this historic mansion serving as a hub for the city's landmarks and haunted mysteries. In this guide, we’ll outline the highlights of various Trolley Tours and how a mansion estate has been transformed into a luxurious bed and breakfast for a one-of-a-kind stay.

The History of 300 Clifton & Minneapolis Trolley Tours

Top Attractions on Minneapolis Trolley Tours

The Candlelight Ghost Tour

The Breakfast Trolley

The Narrated Scenic Tour

300 Clifton & Minneapolis Trolley Tours


300 Clifton & Minneapolis Trolley Tours

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