Ibaraki City, Japan

Sister City since 1980.

Liaison to Country: 

Minneapolis Ibaraki Sister City Association


ようこそ  [Yo(u)- ko-so]


Youichi Fukuoka

Miles/kms to Minneapolis: 

6134 mi/9872kms




The city was founded on January 1st, 1948, and it is the 13th city in Osaka Prefecture. In the greater Osaka metropolitan area, Ibaraki is considered a northern "suburb", though it is the site of many ancient tombs that were built between the 4th-6th centuries. Ibaraki has become a major residential settlement and core urban center because it is situated mid-way between Osaka and Kyoto.  The Saigoku Road, which runs east to west, provides a direct transportation between Ibaraki and Tokyo.


One of the core urban centers in Osaka Prefecture, Ibaraki City contains modern factories that manfactures home-use electric appliances as a supplier to corporations that are involved in the distribution process.  

Did you know?

*In English, Ibaraki means “Wild Trees” or “Thorny Trees.”

*The city is home to the Tsubaki no Honjin castle that was constructed between 1339 and 1573; it is now a base for “local prosperity.” 


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