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Thursday August 01, 2013

A Walk Through History: Minneapolis Northeast Tour

East Hennepin.

The Northeast Neighborhood.

“Nordeast,” as the locals call it.

Regardless of what you call it, what you need to know is simply this: it’s Minneapolis’ first neighborhood.

The history that radiates from this area is palpable. Everywhere you go, each building you see, there’s a story behind it. These stories are stooped in rich tradition with tales of how Minneapolis grew to the city it is today.

The coolest part about this neighborhood? There’s a walking tour dedicated to giving you the complete behind-the-scenes tour of this historic locale. The tour highlights 18 different places in Nordeast, all important to the vitality and growth of Minneapolis. You can find out more about the walking tour here, but we’re going to give you a sneak peek of four of the places you’ll see when you take this highly-recommended tour.

1) Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

Our Lady of Lourdes Church is the oldest continuously-used house of worship in Minneapolis. The original structure was built in 1857 when the east side of the Mississippi was still the village of St. Anthony Falls. At that time, it held nearly 500 people – which was 1/10th of St. Anthony’s population. The church still holds mass to this day.

2) Nye’s Polonaise Room

Home to the “World’s Most Dangerous Polka Band,” Nye’s is a throwback to the Eastern European culture that was prevalent in Nordeast at the time of its founding. Al Nye bought the establishment in 1940, and by 1964 his success at running the bar enabled him to buy the building next door for a dining room addition, called the “Polonaise Room.” You’re guaranteed to have a crazy night when you step through the doors of Nye’s.

3) Kramarczuk’s Sausage

In the late 1940’s, Wasyl Kramarczuk and his wife Anna emigrated from their homeland of Ukraine to the United States. In 1954, after years of hard work, they founded Kramarczuk’s. Still family owned and operated to this day (like many of the Nordeast businesses), Kramarczuk’s has grown to become the official sausage provider of the Minnesota Twins, and just recently won a James Beard American Classic award.

4) Surdyk’s Liquor and Cheese Shop

In business since 1934, and run by four generations of the Surdyk family, this single store has become the largest provider of wine in the entire Midwest. The store started up at the end of Prohibition, with the original owner, Joseph Surdyk, selling groceries and liquor would bolster the family’s income. So, $200 of borrowed money, a liquor license and 79 years later, Surdyk’s has become a cornerstone of Nordeast.

If you're ready to experience the full tour yourself, reserve a tour here.

Insider Blog Post
Thursday January 10, 2013

Minneapolis: The Only City Left in America

That’s it. Game over. Every other city in America can shut down their tourism areas now. Their efforts in 2013 will only prove to be futile. 

Why? Because Travel + Leisure’s Top Destinations of 2013 only had one city in the good ol’ US of A in it.

That city? Minneapolis. 

That’s right. Minneapolis was the lone American city to grace the list put together by Travel and Leisure of hot destinations to visit in 2013. Out of allllll the cities in the United States (San Francisco, Miami, New York, Austin…Boise?), Minneapolis topped the charts as THE place to visit in America.

Maybe it was because of our awesome attractions. Maybe it was because of our arts scene. Maybe it was our numerous sports teams. Or maybe it was our stylish rocking of fedoras and our forced, in-depth knowledge of the movie Fargo that won them over.

Nope. Turns out that our very progressive and robust food scene took the cake (pun absolutely intended).

Not only is the stomach the quickest way to the heart, but it’s apparently the quickest way to get on really prestigious lists. The magazine called Minneapolis “an unexpected foodie mecca in the American heartland.”

Just to give you an idea of what this list looked like, cities such as Basilicata, Nepal, Zambia and Amsterdam were ranked right there with Minneapolis.

So pack your bags and come on down to the City by Nature, a.k.a. America’s City (we’re working on the trademark). There’s a lot to do in every season, and you’re sure to always find something that strikes a chord that makes a destination unforgettable.

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