Fishing & Water Sports

It's only fitting that the City by Nature would take advantage of the natural surroundings by taming the bodies of water that spot the landscape.

You can hear the rhythmic paddling of kayaks, the adrenaline-spiking whir of a jet ski engine cutting through the water, the zip of a fishing line being reeled in and the inevitable splash of a water-skier wiping out.

And when the water ices over, it just signals a new set of fun ways to explore the outdoors. The whir of a jet ski is replaced by the whir of an ice auger, drilling holes in the ice so the fishing can commence. Water skis are replaced by cross country skis, kayaks give way to ice surfers, and the sharp sounds of metal on ice are heard as pond hockey games break out.

Ice or water, skates or skis, come have some fun on our natural playground.