#21 The Somali Museum of Minnesota

#21 of 52 Must See Things in Minneapolis.

The Somali Museum of Minnesota provides education and exposure to traditional Somali culture through over 700 pieces of artwork as well as programs and classes. The museum’s goal is to connect different cultures and ethnicities through learning and experience. Every Friday they offer a dance class for ages 16-25 focused on practicing traditional Somali dance. They also offer a Somali kebed weaving class, where students will learn to weave cultural mats by hand.

To learn more about the Somali culture and its local presence here in Minnesota, the museum offers Somali Culture 101. This course involves a guided tour of the museum, a lecture on the culture, and a time to ask questions about Somali heritage and tradition. This is a great option for employee trainings, schools, or groups in general wanting to know more about this unique part of our Minnesota makeup.

Looking for something a little less formal? Schedule a personalized tour of the museum! Whether you have a class, group of friends, or it’s just you, you can customize your tour to tailor your education. Get answers to your questions, learn about the history of certain artifacts and deepen your understanding of the culture.

The museum is closed July 1, for Somali Independence Day holiday, but on that day head over to West Lake Street for a celebration filled with music, food and games!

Check out the other unique events coming up at the museum or learn more about how to get involved.