Sponsorship Opportunities

Meet Minneapolis has several exciting ways to enhance your event and increase your revenue. Sponsorship of any of these elements offers a new revenue source to your event.

Please contact Amy Freese for more information on how these sponsorship opportunities can increase your revenue.

Window Clings
Promote your message to all the participants of your convention in one of two prominent locations:

- MCC Skyway enrooted from Orchestra Hall
- MCC Skyway enrooted from the Millenium Hotel

Locations are subject to approval by the Event Services Manager. Average size:  4’ x 8’.

Skyway Floor Clings
Customize your message, which can be positioned in several mega-traffic locations contiguous to your event as designated by the Event Services Manager. You can create any size message in a durable 4-color material. It will last the entire length of the convention.

Public common space contiguous to your event may be used if adjacent space has been rented. Corridors, entrances and lobbies that are not contiguous to your space are available on a case-by-case basis subject to approval by the Event Service Manager.

Video Signage
New video screens provide total coverage of the public lobby and corridors of the Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC). Promote your upcoming events, highlight event sponsors, or resell time during your event to exhibitors looking for more exposure during your show.

Wireless Internet
Provide wireless internet connections/cafés for your attendees and promote your sponsors with splash screens and sponsored access cards, which allow your attendees to log onto the internet for free. Events can sponsor internet cafés. Once an attendee logs on to the internet from a café they could be routed to a sponsors page—a valuable traffic builder for any organization.

Internet Kiosks
Public internet kiosks can be used to promote sponsors with banners, splash screens, sponsored access cards and sponsored homepages which can be routed to any website.

Skyway Advertising
Promote your event to attendees and the greater downtown community with floor displays, free-standing and backlit signs in the MCC and surrounding skyways.

Please contact Madonna Carr at 612-767-8180 with any questions.