Housing Services

Housing services offers one turnkey housing system to handle all aspects of inventory management with the many services, complimentary.

Convention Housing Services

Our experienced staff are available to assist with the management your event’s room block.  Meet Minneapolis is Cvent Passkey-enabled, a user since 1999.  Any event utilizing two or more hotels with a minimum of 250 rooms on peak night is eligible to use our services.  Our services are at no charge to the association. 

On average we manage 6-10 events annually.  You will find that our track record and commitment to customer service set us apart from other housing providers.  We work with the event planner to understand and anticipate your housing requirements so we may provide you and your attendees with a positive experience.

To maximize hotel pickup, we encourage the hotels to keep housing open until just a few days prior to your event start date.  Unsold inventory is based upon availability and controlled by the hotel after the hotel’s contracted cut-off date.

Why Choose Meet Minneapolis Housing Services?  

Top Benefits include:

  • Partnership:  Work with an experienced and dedicated Account Manager, allowing the event planner to focus on other critical aspects of the event.  We are your housing liaison between the event, hotel, and attendee.
    • We are a trusted source with our hotels and have strong relationships.
    • We work closely with your Sales and Services Account Managers.
    • Provide advertising opportunities for sponsors and/or to highlight important event information at no cost.
  • Custom Website and other Event Materials:  We create your event so the website and communications reflect the appearance of your event’s website.  We will provide you with a link to your custom webpage for your attendees to book and manage their hotel accommodations and update as needed throughout the housing process until the close date.  
  • Room Block Management:  We provide proactive inventory management tools and support to maximize your blocks and minimize your exposure to attrition.  
    • Generate cancel deadline reminder(s) which allow us to recycle cancelled reservations to maximize room blocks and contracted concessions and reduces the need for potential overflow hotel while lowering wash.
    • Apply restrictions as needed to new reservation activity to drive room nights where needed to maximize event pickup.
    • Optional waitlist capabilities to eliminate attendee frustration and to keep attendees booking within the event block.  Shoulder night and/or overflow management available.
  • Sub-Block Management: We are experienced with sub-block management with an average of 30+ unique blocks per event.  We have routinely managed events with as many as 100+ sub-blocks.  
    • Sub-block contacts will work with a dedicated Account Manager from start to finish.  
    • Optional commerce management with one or more cancel policies can be accommodated to control booking behavior and reduce wash rates.
  • Room Lists | Data Transfers: Hotels access room list directly from Cvent Passkey and is PCI compliant.
    • Licensed hotels of Cvent Passkey will receive reservations through direct electronic data transfer.  Hotels not licensed will receive access to securely upload reservation activity directly from Cvent Passkey.

For more information, contact:

Susan Gosz, CMP

Senior Manager, Housing Services