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Founded in 2010, STUDIIYO23 is Minnesota's top lifestyle fashion, exclusive sneaker, and apparel boutique which also operates as an art-gallery, bookstore, and cultural centerpiece of the City. STUDIIYO23: A fusion of ideas. A place where diverse cultures mix and re-define boundaries. A space where anything is possible. STUDIIYO23 is founded upon three basic principles: Passion, Creativity and Community. STUDIIYO23 is a fusion of urban Fashion, Art, Culture, Music and Technology; a concept geared towards sending the consumer retail experience to a new level. The space is an upbeat, funky, art-centric atmosphere where positive energy and the essence of exclusive sneaker and fashion culture are immediately noticeable. STUDIIYO23 remixes established brands and the best young designer lifestyle labels with thought-provoking artwork to create an unparalleled customer experience in the heart of the Midwest.

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