Cedar + Stone, Urban Table

  • Minimum Occupancy: 1
  • Maximum Occupancy: 300

Inspired by a fusion of culinary cultures, Minnesota’s natural surroundings and relationships with farmers within 200 miles, Cedar + Stone creates a vibrant dining experience that is not only fresh, delicious and unique, but true to its local roots. Relish in a dynamic farm to table Minneapolis experience.

Our name pays homage to our restaurant’s surroundings, which celebrate the natural resources that make the area authentic to us – the cedar trees that populate our forests and the world’s oldest stone that inhabits nearby Granite Falls. Our appreciation of the land and its abundant natural resources also extends to the partnerships and relationships we have formed with the local farmers and distillers who provide many of our homegrown ingredients. Enjoy incomparable dining in Bloomington, MN.


    • Patio

      Occupancy: 1 - 70

    • Full Restaurant

      Occupancy: 1 - 300

      Configuration Occupancy
      Banquet/Rounds 150
      Reception 200
      Reception 300
    • Private

      Occupancy: 1 - 14

Cedar + Stone, Urban Table Map


  • 2141 Lindau Lane
  • Minneapolis, MN 55425