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Heather Novak-Peterson

Growing up drawing under her architectural parents’ drafting tables, Heather Novak-Peterson cultivated a devoted love for art and architecture and how they can react to each other to create entire environments. Her work can be seen in offices, restaurants, residences, hotels and public spaces locally and nationally. And yes, her spirit animal is a jackalope.

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She She

She She is a Print + Pattern studio that creates custom hand-painted and printed wallpaper, surface designs, and furnishings. Two friends, interior architect Jennifer Jorgensen and illustrator Kate Worum collided interests and skill sets to bring more art to the interior design world. Their designs are driven by Story Telling and spontaneous amusements and inspirations.

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Mercury Mosaics

Mercury Mosaics started in Mercedes Austin’s art studio. She had spent her early career working in a handmade tile shop and refining her trade in Italy. Then her entrepreneurial spirit took the wheel. The driving force behind Mercury Mosaics is a steadfast conviction: that an artist shouldn’t have to starve to create their masterworks. Our mission is to redefine your expectations of what tile is and how it can transform a space.

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Fixt Electric

FIXT is proud to be the only company in North America with an unparalleled volume of professionally restored Soviet and Bauhaus factory fixtures. FIXT travels all over the world in search of unique Industrial designed light fixtures and professionally restores them to reflect their age and patina. We love to work with designers on unique projects.

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Hennepin Made

Hennepin Made co-founders Jackson Schwartz and Joe Limpert launched their business in 2011, driven by a desire to build something sustainable and transformative for their field. Skilled artists and glassblowers, the duo saw an opportunity to connect their passion for glass with lighting design – and quickly made a national name for themselves.

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Gomez Whitney

Whether your building or design needs are commercial or residential, Gomez Whitney Llc. partners with you the client to turn your great ideas into reality. Whatever the project demands, whether employing traditional building methods or creative strategies for handling tougher projects, the Gomez Whitney goal is to remain flexible.

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