So, you've got your trip planned to Minneapolis.

CONGRATULATIONS! That's a great choice.

To make sure you get the most out of your visit, we made this handy maps page. Here, you'll be able to find every map for any occasion you need. Biking, driving, navigating the skyways and finding parking will all be even easier thanks to this comprehensive list of maps. Navigate the maps list at your own leisure, or click on one of the topics below to see maps that deal with Places, Transportation, and Getting Around.

Minneapolis Places of Interest

Chain of Lakes

A comprehensive look at all the lakes that make up Minneapolis.

Downtown Hotels

View all the hotels in the downtown Minneapolis area, with the addition of the convienent skyway system all in one map.

Downtown Minneapolis

Find your way around downtown Minneapolis with a complete look at the downtown area.

Metro Area Map

A map of the surrounding suburbs that make up the city of Minneapolis.

Nicollet Mall

This map shows the stores, restaurants and parking along Nicollet Mall; a top ten shopping street in America.

Target Center/Warehouse District

This map shows the sports venues, bars, restaurants and parking in this hub for fun.

University of Minnesota

Take a closer look at the buildings and roads at the University of Minnesota, which spans both sides of the Mississippi River.

Local Transportation

Minneapolis Freeways

Find the best ways to get in and out of Minneapolis with this freeway map.

Lightrail Map

The lightrail map listing stops from downtown Minneapolis to the MSP Airport.

Green Line >>>
Blue Line >>>

Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport

Find your way to one of the best airports in the nation.


Need a place to park? We've got all the parking ramps in downtown Minneapolis here.

Getting Around Town in Minneapolis

Biking in Downtown Minneapolis

Minneapolis is the #1 bike city in America. Take a look at the bike lanes and bike-friendly streets in downtown Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Bike Trails

No trip to Minneapolis is complete unless you bike our miles of urban and scenic trails. See them all in this handy map.

Nice Ride System

Don't have a bike? You can rent one at an extremely affordable price from the many Nice Ride stations across Minneapolis.

Skyway Map

Travel from hotel to store to restaurant via our miles of enclosed and connected skyways.

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