Sometimes, itÂ’s hard to know what to do.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to do.

With so many options, trying to create your own list of things to do becomes a hectic jumble of events, and things get missed. Minneapolis is one of those cities with the unique challenge of having too many things to try and do, which is why we had experts of the city create special itineraries to make your visit to Minneapolis the most enjoyable and efficient it can be. So take a look at our itineraries--there’s something for everyone.

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150 Things to Do

150 Things to do in Minneapolis

Behold! The ultimate Minneapolis Bucket List. Think you can check them all off?



A Horticulturist's Dream

Haven't you heard? Minneapolis is ripe for the picking. If you're looking for flowers and fauna, there's no better place to be. Take some tips, then take a stroll through our lush metro area.

Architecture in the City

In Minneapolis, walls aren’t just walls. We like to bend them, shape them, and sometimes even mix and match what we make them out of. History blends with innovation, so come check out some of the most unique structures in the nation.

Hipster Haven

Looking for some ironic t-shirts? Want to wet your whistle with a classic PBR? Or perhaps you want to hear that band that is so underground they’re practically subterranean? Grab your skinny jeans and flannel shirts and settle in to one of the hippest cities in America.

Naturally Minneapolis

Looking for nature? Lakes galore, the most bike-friendly city in the nation, a park every six blocks and four professional sports teams guarantee that your visit to Minneapolis will be active. Here's an overview of what the metro area possesses. Take a look around.

Museum Day

Cerebrally-intelligent visitants can stimulate their cerebral cortex in these institutions of grand inspiration, enjoying the vast assortment of high-class art and science Minneapolis has to offer.

Rivers and Lakes

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, and Minneapolis is known to house a few, too. The mighty Mississippi roars through, and our lakes are 24/7 ready for fun: liquid or frozen.


Downtown Dining

With four distinct seasons and dozens of international culinary traditions, Minneapolis restaurants offer farm-to-table experiences you won't find anywhere else. Enjoy the multitude of dining options that will spoil your tastebuds.

Eat on Eat Street

A street so famous for its food, they named it after the physical act of eating. Spend the entire day divulging in the vast diversity of cuisine.

Go Organic

When you eat food in Minneapolis, you’re eating the food OF Minneapolis. Seriously. We have a strong agriculture community here, and the food they grow is sold at our many farmers markets, then bought up and served to you at these organic restaurants.


After the Show: Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Film Festival

If you’re reading this, you probably just got done watching the future David Fincher tell a story with emotionally-angsty characters and black and white/grainy footage. Powerful stuff. How do you follow that up? With a less-angsty yet equally-awesome night in the artsy and electric Northeast neighborhood.

Father's Day Weekend

Meet Minneapolis treated a lucky couple to a special weekend in Minneapolis. Check out the details of their trip—some in their own words—and use it as inspiration for planning you own weekend getaway to Minneapolis.

Twin Cities Marathon Itinerary

From the starting line to mile five, we've got all the best places to experience one of the best marathons in America

Multi-Day Stays

Multi-Day Stay: Couples

This isn't a normal itinerary. This two day itinerary stretches from sun up all the way to sun down, cramming in everything you can't miss while in Minneapolis.

Multi-Day Stay: Families

If you're staying in Minneapolis with your family for two or more days, consider this the ultimate list of what you need to do while you're here.



Downtown Holidays

Brilliant lights, glistening snow and festive events. During the holiday season, Minneapolis shines. Let us guide you through a weekend of merriment.

Fall into Minneapolis

Get wrapped up in the majestic serenity of the fall season with these nature-inspired activities.

Spring into Minneapolis

Spring is a time of rebirth in Minneapolis. As the snow melts away, luscious, green grass rises to the scene, accompanied by blossoms bursting forth on the trees. The streets come to life with activity, coats and hats replaced with shorts and polos. Come take a look at what spring in Minneapolis has to offer.

Summer Lovin'

Aw yeah. Baby, you’re gonna need to blast that Barry White, ‘cause summer in Minneapolis has the romantic vibe floating all around. Check out this itinerary for THE perfect day for you two lovebirds.

Winter Outdoor Adventure

When the snow falls, the skis and slopes replace the kayaks and floats. Check out all the fun stuff happening in the winter in Minneapolis.


Art Crawl Shopping

Tax-free shopping: it’s kind of our calling card. When you come to Minneapolis, feel free to revamp your wardrobe. Whatever your style, we’ve got it here, and we’ve got it at a price that won’t break the bank.

Downtown Diva Shopping

Release your inner Diva! Start out your day with some breakfast fuel, then go to town (literally) and shop til your arms are carrying more than an Austrian weight lifter. Tax-free shopping is here to help, so feel free to buy more for less.

Family Bonding Shopping

Nothing beats a day of quality family time. Shopping, eating and exciting attractions fill the day, and there’s a place where that all exists. Read on to find out.

Mom's Grand Mall Escape

Sometimes you just need some “mom” time. Let the hubby take the kids so you can let loose and enjoy yourself at the Mecca of shopping malls.

Top Spots

Top Spots: ALL The Restaurants

End every "I dunno, where do YOU want to eat" arguement with this comprehensive list of the best places to eat in Minneapolis.

Top Spots: For a Burger

Here in the Midwest, we do burgers right. Looking for the best place to chow down? Take a tip from us—gourmet to hole-in-the-wall, we’ll find the burger for you.

Top Spots: Cocktails with the Girls

You and the girls are looking to get away for the night. Find the best places to set loose (martini in hand).

Top Spots: Fun Bar Experience

Looking to eat, drink and be merry in Minneapolis? Here's some of the best places to let 'er rip.

Top Spots: Award-Winning Food

Looking for top-of-the-line food in Minneapolis? Our culinary scene is heating up: find amazing food without the pretension of other cities. Be sure to plan ahead: many of these gems are only open for dinner and late night, and many may require reservations.

Top Spots: Italian Food

Got a little bit of Roma in you? Hit up the best spots in Minneapolis Saint Paul to sauce up your dinner.

Top Spots: Photogenic Atmosphere

Snap some memories of your visit to Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Here are the best places to capture to moment—compiled (and modeled) by Meet Minneapolis visitor-information specialists.

Top Spots: Sense of History

Whether strolling through downtown or off the beaten path, you’ll find that our history resonates through every inch of our city. It is the mortar that built Minneapolis into what it is today, and it comes to life when you visit our historical landmarks.

Top Spots: Winter Fun

Minneapolitans don't hibernate in the winter - neither should you. Take advantage of these hot spots (hopefully not too hot, there wouldn’t be any snow then) and experience the fun of a Minneapolis winter.

Top Spots: Kid-Like Fun

Family fun abounds in Minneapolis. Here are the best places to act like a kid and get away with it.

Top Spots: Minneapolis Bike Routes

There’s a lot to see in Minneapolis, so why not see it all while staying active? Bike some of these trails in “The Most Bike-Friendly City in America,” and see some great sights along the way.

Labor Day Weekend Itinerary

This Labor Day Weekend itinerary is designed with the idea that you can begin your weekend a little early, or jump in as the timing works for you. Or, use this as an idea starter, then let us know how we can help on Twitter using#askMPLS.