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Destination Transformation 2030

The Minneapolis Tourism Master Plan

What’s your vision for the future of Minneapolis? How do we make sure our city continues to be an attractive, thriving, engaging destination for visitors and residents? Destination Transformation 2030 is Minneapolis’ chance to chart a course toward becoming an even better destination in the years ahead.

Meet Minneapolis and the City’s Community Planning and Economic Development Department are teaming up to create a Destination Transformation 2030, a 15-year tourism master plan for the city. It will help shape the city we become, from attractions and green spaces, to hotels, transportation, events and beyond. The plan will be a vehicle to drive economic development, create jobs, boost business and increase tax revenues, among many other benefits to the community.

Watch Minneapolis transform

To plan the city we want to be in 15 years, start by looking back at all the ways our city has changed in the past 15 years:

How is our destination transforming right now?

Minneapolis is on the verge of a major transformation in the next two years. Take a look at what’s coming:

Reports and presentations

Steering committee August presentation

Steering committee idea cafe

Fargo focus groups report

Des Moines focus groups report

Chicago focus groups report

Steering committee kick-off presentation

Initial market assessment presentation

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