This month's blog post is a nationally-renowned food celeb.

You've seen him on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. You've seen him on Minute to Win It. And, you've probably seen his fantasticly unique hair style in your dreams. It's Guy Fieri, and he's here to point you to his favorite places to eat before an event in Minneapolis.

When it comes to chowing down in Minneapolis, Fieri says “There’s not a place I wouldn’t recommend.” But here are a few of his favorites for fight fans heading into town for October 5th’s UFC on FX  event at the Target Center. One warning though: “You’re gonna need an extra three or four days when you go for the UFC fights just to check out the great food in Minneapolis,” said the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host.

Nye’s Polonaise 
“You’ve got to go to Nye’s Polonaise. Nye’s is this throwback joint, and when we would go into town to shoot the show or visit or have meetings, we would end up there. So I would always go there because they have this crazy polka band and the drinks were great, and I was always there until late, but I never got to eat the food. Then finally I ate the food and I was like ‘this is crazy.’ So you’ve got to try Nye’s. Killer food and they make it all from scratch.”

Pizzeria Lola 
“Pizzeria Lola, awesome place. This girl makes pizza in this French pizza oven that cooks super hot. I was there with my buddy Andrew Zimmern, who’s a great chef, and we were there. The pizza she makes is out of bounds.”

Smack Shack 
“Smack Shack is a little restaurant inside of the 1029 Bar, and they do a lamb sandwich there that will blow…your…mind.”

Victor’s 1959 
“Phenomenal Cuban joint. Outstanding.”

“Kramarczuk’s is almost right across the street from Nye’s. And these guys make this Eastern European food, anything you can imagine, from stuffed cabbage to sausage to borscht. You can’t beat it. Outstanding place and they do it all themselves.”

Broders’ Pasta Bar 
“Great Italian joint. You can’t go wrong.”

We'd like to thank our friends at UFC for teaming up with us to make this blog, and you can read the complete blog post here . And, if you're looking for more excellent lists for places to eat and things to see, head on over to this page.

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