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Best St. Patrick's Day Spots in Minneapolis

Monday March 04, 2013

Scientific Fact #1: The color green wasn’t even recognized as an official color until the advent of St. Patrick’s Day. It was just referred to as “Grass.”

Scientific Fact #2: 320 years after St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated, drinking beer was an Olympic event for a year, and the movie Beerfest is loosely based on these events.

Ok, none of those are facts. But on St. Patrick’s Day, you only need to remember one fact: Geting your Irish on is mandatory.

That’s why we hold our mugs/glasses/SOLO cups high in the air to give our eternal gratitude to Saint Patrick for being an important man of the stylish green cloth. 

Lads. Lasses. Behold! The best places to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Minneapolis.

And remember. Don't drink and drive! MetroTransit offers free rides from 6pm to end of night. Super easy AND free.

"And when there's an America, they'll drink on my behalf."




Kieran's Irish PubKieran's Irish Pub

That's right! Kieran's is so into St. Patrick's Day that they're starting the celebration a day before the actual event. St. Patrick's Day Eve? It is now, and Kieran's is home to that. In honor of their 18th anniversary, they're featuring specials on 2 Gingers Whiskey and new Finnegan’s Blonde ale, and having live music all night Friday.

Get jiggy with a jig.


Minneapolis St. Patrick's Day ParadeSt. Patrick's Day Parade Minneapolis

Most days, if you saw a group of people jaunting down the street in kilts, you'd probably think an unsanctioned reinactment of Braveheart was going on (at least that's what WE'D think). But, on this special day, this sort of thing is absolutely acceptable and is a spectacle to watch. Line the streets to watch as the historic Minneapolis St. Patrick's Day Parade bagpipes it's way from Nicollet and 11th all the way to 5th street.

There'll be more O'Malley's than you can shake a shillelagh at.

Brit's PubCorned Beef, Cabbage and Clovers - The Local and Brit's PubThe Local Minneapolis

We ask you...what's more Irish than eating corned beef and cabbage? With the exception of perhaps wearing a checkered flat cap, NOTHING is more Irish than this staple meal. That's why two of Minneapolis' most European bars, The Local and Brit's Pub, will serve up this 17th century classic at rock-bottom prices. Plus, they'll have great drink specials with taps from all over Europe.

So majestic. It's like the lefse of Ireland.

Kieran's Irish Pub

You thought Friday at Kieran's was awesome? Saturday is when they really come to life. Opening their doors at 9 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING, Kieran's has live music starting at noon, crazy drink specials all day,  a DJ outside and even bagpipes.

If you go through an entire St. Patrick's Day without hearing bagpipes, then you're doing it wrong.

Hell Turns Green - Hell's Kitchen

In Hell's Kitchen fashion, this super-popular restaurant is putting their own take on St. Patrick's Day. Sure, they've got all the stuff you'd regularly expect from any establishment on this fine day: beer specials, corned beef with cabbage and leek soup, green stuff everywhere.

BUT, when the lights go down, the tradition does, too. They've got a Burlesque dance party from 9pm to 2am, and the event features the group Grown and Sexy with DJ Blowtorch on the tables.

Not your average jig.

Party Like Dublin - Kip's Authentic Irish Pub

Let's be real. With a name like Kip's Authentic Irish Pub, you KNOW you're going to celebrate just like they do over the pond. That's why they're starting the festivities at 6pm; which is midnight in Dublin, Ireland. Great drink specials on an outstanding tap list mean you won't have to worry about the amount of green in your wallet.

Just the amount on that shirt with the funny slogan you bought for $20 yesterday. 

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