Creative City Market


4:00 - 9:00
Jess Hirsch and Ginny Sims, Preservation: Fermenting Workshop
Learn how to preserve food safely through fermentation and participate in a discussion on self sufficiency. 

4:00 - 5:00pm 
Youth percussion and dance group led by Marc Anderson

5:00 - 5:30pm
Ifrah Mansour, Somalia's Balloon
A live storytelling play with movement, telling the colonial history of Somalia using balloons.

5:30 - 6:00pm
Ross Hackenmiller
Solo acoustic music

6:00 - 7:00pm
Jazzland Wonderband

7:00 - 8:00pm
Innovative, potent and dynamic neo-soul singer PaviElle French's sound often has the faint flavor of Sly and the Family Stone, or  seems to draw on the influences of little Jose James, and Rufus—with the soulful feel of  Bill Withers occasionally evident in the groove. PaviElle brings her own personal style and passionate energy to her singing, making for a fresh sound that’s uniquely her own.

MN Made MSPIFF movie: Medicine of the Wolf, presented by the Film Society of Minneapolis and St. Paul
Filmmaker Julia Huffman travels to Minnesota and into wolf country to pursue the deep intrinsic value of brother wolf and our forgotten promise to him. Medicine of the Wolf will take viewers on a journey to understand the powerful relationship that we have with the wolf by interviewing prominent people who represent the different levels of connection to this ancient and iconic species – from Ojibwe creation stories that reflect our interconnectivity to all things, to a lifetime of observations of a complex and dynamic family unit, to a wolf scientist expressing his layered findings in an over 50 year study of the delicate web that wolves weave into our ecosystem.

Upbeat music between performances.


Tara Besch
Wrap bracelets made with upcycled 100% silk Indian saris with metal stamped words and colorful beads wrapped with a message.

Jen Biswas
Paisley + Sparrow is a boutique full of gifts and accessories for women and the home that are making a difference in the world.

Shona Brooks
Adult coloring books and posters.

Dale Brown
Fused glass trivets, pendants, slumped wine bottles, coasters & ornaments

Nicole Collodoro
Jewelry, Sculpture, 2-D Art

Crystal Cooper
Handmade wooden fishing lures

Katherine Harris
Baby onesie dresses and skinny ties from vintage sheet fabric.

Judy Cooper Lyle
Wearable art

Rob Gilbert
Bring a little heat to the festivities by sampling out a Minneapolis made red habanero hot sauce called Nuclear Nectar.

Emann Khalil
Hand made jewelry, most of the materials from the sea, Arabian / Egyptian / Muslim culture mixed with American knowledge.

La Lunette Jewelry
Gina Gaetz & Rose Weselmann
Handcrafted jewelry using stones and geometric brass pieces to create unique and affordable necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Laura Lund
Clothing sewn from African-print fabric

Meghan Nelson
Fire-process handmade brass earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Christopher Nolt
Original designs, laser cut wood jewelry. Pop culture inspired fine art prints, and drawings/paintings.

Mary Norsted
Handmade jewelry using Lake Superior stones and seaglass, including earrings, necklaces and bracelets

Laura Olson
Laura's art is composed of meticulously placed lines and dots with micron pens creating whimsical images on prints and stickers!

Mitch Reaume

Nora Schaper
Locally made 100% natural gourmet body care products!

Adam Wold

Chris Williams
Affordable handmade art. One of a kind abstract paintings. Everything under $100.


Creative City Market is a free monthly experience in the heart of our downtown that celebrates the act of making. Each month the public is invited to the Minneapolis Convention Center Plaza to participate in an evening under the setting sun surrounded by MN made art, wares, and performance:

  • Hang out at mini_polis, winner of this year’s Creative City Challenge
  • Browse original goods created by local artists and creators
  • Enjoy craft beer selections from the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild from the Craft Bar and Lounge at the Minneapolis Convention Center
  • Roasted Corn, Grilled Brats & Hot Dogs, Lemonade and Iced Tea, and Craft Beer.
  • Make your own flower essences and tinctures with Jess Hirsch and Ginny Sims while learning about local medicinal plants.
  • Make cardboard creations with Adventures in Cardboard
  • Watch MN Made MSPIFF short films, presented by the Minneapolis St. Paul Film Society
  • Experience live music and performances
  • Relax, play, and linger on the central lawn

Creative City Market is a program of the Creative City Challenge, which is presented by the Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC), the Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy Program of the City of Minneapolis and Meet Minneapolis, Convention & Visitors Association, in collaboration with Northern


All events take place on the Plaza at the Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 Second Ave. S., Mpls 55403. Please refer to the map link for more information >>>


Parking is availble on the street and in both the parking ramps. More information on parking can be found on our parking page >>>


For more information on each night see our Facebook Events Page >>>


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