The Minneapolis Convention Center strives to be the best facility possible for our clients, our staff and the entire community. Part of that mission includes integrating a no-waste mentality. This mindset has become the cornerstone of our sustainability program.

We are committed to using our resources responsibly and assisting our customers in achieving their sustainability goals for meetings and conventions. The convention center maintains a Level One certification to the ASTM standard for the evaluation and selection of venues for environmentally sustainable meetings, events, trade shows and conferences. This is one of nine standards introduced by the meetings, conventions, exhibitions and events industry to provide event planners and suppliers with specifications for producing events in a more sustainable manner.

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Looking for ways to make your event green? Listen below to Executive Director Jeff Johnson and Director of Sales & Marketing Katie Smith as they discuss sustainable opportunities here at the Minneapolis Convention Center. 



The Minneapolis Convention Center offsets energy usage 100% with solar and wind power. 2,613 of 600 KW rooftop solar panels provide on-site green sourced energy. High speed doors have been installed to reduce energy loss during event load in and load out activity. Building HVAC and lighting systems are continuously upgraded with efficient control and fixtures.



The Minneapolis Convention Center diverts an estimated 5.4 million gallons of runoff rainwater annually from the river and redirects it to our underground storage system for the facility’s irrigation. Kitchen areas and restrooms have been upgraded with fixtures that use 50% less water. A pollinator park was installed to help the bee population in our urban environment



Front of house recycling stations recycle cardboard, paper, organics, cans and bottles, pallets, cooking oil, table cloths, sheet plastic, shrink wrap, carpet, wood, aggregate and landscape debris. All waste centers in the back of house allow staff to recycle over 60% of all waste. All single use food containers and utensils used onsite are compostable. Up to 4 tons of food is donated each year. Non-consumed foods go to local non-profit organizations like People Serving People. Up to 160 tons of organics and food scraps are used for hog feed and composting. Used grease is recycled for biodiesel and soap.

Air Quality

Minneapolis Convention Center promotes a no idling policy for all trucks loading in or out of the center. Smoking is not permitted within 25’ of any entrance. Internal air quality is monitored and recorded to maintain a safe environment for attendees.

Environmental Purchasing

Food served at the Minneapolis Convention Center is sourced locally whenever possible. Almost all cleaning products used in the Minneapolis Convention Center are Green Seal Certified. Floor care equipment uses Orbio Split Stream and Blended Stream Technology which converts water, electricity and a small amount of salt to clean surfaces without chemicals.


Most staff commute to work by bike, public transportation, or carpool. Minneapolis has Nice Ride bike sharing system and bike racks are available near most building entrances. Metro Transit provides a free shuttle to link the Minneapolis Convention Center to downtown hospitality and the light rail. Light Rail Transit connects Minneapolis with the airport, Mall of America, Saint Paul and 43 other stations.

Community Partnerships

Leftover food is donated to People Serving People. Leftover event items are donated to a variety of local organizations. Staff members team up to provide a variety of services to charitable organizations.

Pollinator Park

Rooftop Solar Panels

Rainwater Catch System

Plaza 2020 Pollinator Meadows & Tree Plantings

Compostable Food Containers & Utensils

Bottle Filling Stations