Creative City Challenge Finalists

Three finalist have been selected in the fourth annual Creative City Challenge.

Animalopolus Connectallus by Christopher Lutter-Gardela, Missy Adzick, Gustavo Boada, Julie Boada, and Alison Heimstead

Animalopolus Connectallus consists of spectacle-scale animal sculptures that are interactive, animated and illuminated via solar, wind, and human-power. These figures will inspire awe, generate playfulness, spark reflections on our place as humans in the natural and social order and celebrate the many facets of our progressive and innovative community.


SELF-MADE MPLS by Aaron Marx, Lucas Alm, Sarah Nassif, Jake Nassif, and Paul Schmelzer

SELF-MADE MPLS is an iconic artist-led architecture for urban self-reliance that includes an energy generating windmill and accompanying garden which transforms into a community gathering space for sharing knowledge and learning about sustainable living.


MSP Vibe by Jess Hirsch, Emily Stover, Eric Forman, and Andrew Jansen

MSP Vibe is an immersive experience of the natural and cultural landscape of Minneapolis created from a prairie landscape, antenna towers, and an ever-changing series of radio transmissions.