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Meeting Room 103

Each of the 6 (room sections) are 1,075 sq. ft., with a combined total of 6,615 sq. ft.

RoundsDimensionsSquare FootageCeiling Height
103A118646025' x 43'1,07516'
103AB23614012051' x 43'2,19316'
103ABC35422418077' x 43'3,31116'
103ABCDEF79254442077' x 86'6,62216'
103ABEF52834028051' x 86'4,38616'
103AF264136140 25' x 86'2,15016'
103B118646025' x 43'1,07516'
103BC23614012051' x 43'2,19316'
103BCDE52834028051' x 86'4,38616'
103BE26413614025' x 86'2,15016'
103C118646025' x 43'1,07516'
103CD26413614025' x 86'2,15016'
103D118646025' x 43'1,07516'
103DE23614012051' x 43'2,19316'
103DEF35422418077' x 43'3,31116'
103E118646025' x 43'1,07516'
103EF23614012051' x 43'2,19316'
103F118646025' x 43'1,07516'

Seating numbers are based on the following:

    • Rounds: seating is listed at maximum comfort capacity without audio/visual or staging requirements.
    • Theater: seating is listed at maximum comfort capacity with 10-foot space in front of room for head table.
    • Classroom: seating is listed at maximum comfort capacity based on 4 people per 8-foot table with 8-foot space in front of room for head table.

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