Marshaling Yard

Your time matters. Move your event in/out efficiently. Our Marshaling Yard boasts easy same-level docking stations as well as underground access for Exhibit Hall A.

Virtual Tour

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Below are two entrance options to access the Marshaling Yard. You must have approval ahead of time to access the Marshaling Yard. For questions and/or directions, call the Command Center at 612-335-6040.

To get these directions on your mobile device, follow these steps: 

  1. Open this page on your phone
  2. Go to the map with the entrance you've been assigned and click on the green star/circle icon
  3. This will prompt a sidebar to open on the left side of the map. In the upper-right corner of the side bar (in the red) is an arrow icon, click on that - this will open the map in your Google Maps app
  4. Once in Google Maps, click "Start" to begin navigation 

WEST GATE | 1st Ave Entrance/Exit

SOUTH GATE | E. 16th Entrance/Exit

Marshaling Yard Info Sheet

Docks & Doors for Events

  • Hall B  7 Docks
  • Hall C, D, & E  8 Docks Each
  • Ground Level Total  31 Docks
  • Hall A  5 Docks (2 additional docks are dedicated to building and catering)

Square Footage

The Marshaling Yard has a total of 150,000 square feet

Minneapolis Fire Station

Minneapolis Fire Station 6 is located in the Marshaling Yard.