Busy 3rd Quarter for Minneapolis Convention Center

Quarterly report on activity at the Minneapolis Convention Center

Minneapolis (July 1, 2018) Summer continues to sizzle in the third quarter for the Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC) as AVID Summer Institutes, American Correctional Association, The American Legion and the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. fill the halls of MCC.  

Estimated Attendance for 3rd Quarter is more than 118,000 people.   The largest conventions during the third quarter have been the National Education Association, which took over the MCC during the 4th of July weekend, also The American Legion, with some 10,000 attendees, and the upcoming National Baptist Convention USA.

In all we are expecting 49 events during the third quarter, and an estimated 242 events year to date at MCC through September 30.

Our sustainability results remain strong this year with recycling during the second quarter measured at 62%.

Some of our more exciting public events during the third quarter: