Minneapolis Convention Center

1301 Second Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55403

General Information

Telephone: 612.335.6000
Fax: 612.335.6757
TDD: 612.335.6500


Jeff Johnson - Executive Director

Mark Zirbel - Director of Events

Chris Hunjas - Director of Business Administration

Event Sales & Marketing

Telephone: 612.335.6035
Fax: 612.335.6694

Katie Smith - Director of Sales & Marketing

Deb Taylor - Associate Director of Sales, Minnesota Corporate/National Association

Jody Geiselhart - Sales Manager, Trade and Consumer Shows

Angie Kufus - National Account Executive, Minnesota Association

Savannah Fargen - Sales Account Executive

Kristen Poehlmann -  Sales Administrative Assistant

Jessica Klimisch - Marketing Manager

Kevin Kurtt - Public Relations Manager

Event Coordination

Wayne Mahoney - Event Services Manager

Jody Geiselhart - Booking & Administration Coordinator

Justin Carlson - Senior Event Coordinator

Fred Boddie - Senior Event Coordinator

Lori Rausch - Senior Event Coordinator

John Stocker - Senior Event Coordinator

Tony Pucci - Senior Event Coordinator

Ivory Smith - Senior Event Coordinator

Kristen Wollin - Senior Event Coordinator

Jennifer Johnson - Event Coordinator

Technology Services

Ted Arbeiter - Technology Services Coordinator 

John Eberlein – Technology Coordinator

Colin Brereton - Senior Supervisor 

Guest & Security Services

24/7 Security Telephone: 612.335.6040

Guest Services Telephone: 612.335.6257

Marcus Travis - Guest Services & Security Manager

Rob Villanueva - Senior Supervisor

Dan Smoliak – Senior Supervisor

Leila Aboujouda - Guest & Security Services, Event Coordinator 

Grant Schloesser - Guest & Security Services, Event Coordinator

Kelber Catering

Telephone: 612.335.6045
Fax: 612.335.6516

Lisa Anderson - Director of Sales & Catering

Patty Lemke - CEO/General Manager

Heidi Hudson - Catering Sales Manager

Stephanie Case - Catering Sales Manager

Nick Gundlach - Catering Sales Manager

Ariel Mint - Catering Sales Coordinator

Facilities Operations

Telephone: 612.335.6335

Lane Carlson - Facilities Operations Manager

Event Operations

Telephone: 612.335.6226

Kurt Hicok  - Manager of Event Operations

Smart City Networks

Telephone: 612.335.6165  

Brian Clear - General Manager

UPS Store

Telephone: 612.335.6295

Sheresse Spence - Manager