3 Minneapolis Hospitality Businesses that Have Been in the Game for 30 Years

The number of people that attend events each year at the Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC) impacts not only the MCC, but also the local hospitality industry as a whole.

Each year, the MCC sustains over 8,000 hospitality jobs in Minneapolis, which over 30 years … well let’s just say that’s a lot of jobs! This isn’t a solo mission, however. We depend on the entire hospitality industry working together to create an overall lasting impression on attendees – and the Minneapolis industry doesn’t disappoint. In 2019 alone, the MCC saw over 863,000 people attend events, using a total of 295,010 hotel room nights, and all experiencing some aspect of the city’s hospitality. 

Fun fact: The 2019 total attendance was 2.87% higher than 2018, which is a pretty big deal considering 2018 included one seriously SUPER event...(Super Bowl LII)!

And while we celebrate 30 years in 2020, we're not the only ones! Three other major businesses in Minneapolis have been on hospitality journey with us since 1990.

1. Brit's Pub

Where have MCC attendees been enjoying Scotch eggs while catching the soccer (football) game on the tele and playing lawn bowling for the last 30 years? The notorious Brit’s Pub is where! Brit’s Pub & Eating Establishment opened its doors in 1990 and has been “Minneapolis’s own little corner of the UK” ever since. Located only three blocks from the MCC, Brit’s Pub is one of the first restaurants attendees walk past on their way to exploring downtown

2. Target Center

Target Center and the MCC are both owned by the City of Minneapolis, officially opened in 1990, and have undergone significant remodeling (#twinning). You might think these are the only similarities between the two venues (psst, they’re not!). The MCC and Target Center have been working side-by-side through numerous citywide events throughout the last 30 years. Citywide events occur when an extensive event takes over the entire city, using multiple major venues and hotels while simultaneously hosting smaller activities throughout the city. These events require a high level of communication between venue staff, the city, and visitor associations like Meet Minneapolis who connect and communicate with restaurants, hotels, transportation, etc. In the past, these events have included the 2018 NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship, the 1992 and 2018 NFL Super Bowl, and the 2001 and 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four.

3. Hilton Minneapolis 

In 1990, the Hilton Minneapolis was just breaking ground, opening shortly after in 1992 – two years shy of their 30-year mark, but we’ll give it to ‘em anyways! Connected to our skyway system, and only 0.3 miles away, the Hilton Minneapolis is host to thousands of MCC attendees each year. Alongside other Minneapolis hotels, the Hilton Minneapolis continues to play a vital role to attendee experience and is a key to the success felt in the hospitality industry. Fun fact: The hotel industry in Minneapolis has grown significantly since 1990 from 4,500 hotel rooms to 9,000 – Hilton Minneapolis provides 821 of those rooms. 

1990 Groundbreaking for Minneapolis Hilton

To kick off our year of celebrations, we would like to invite you to the MCC’s free movie event, Movies Under the Domes. For one evening each month, from January-April, we invite you to kick back, relax, and enjoy a complimentary feature film at the MCC.

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