Unparalleled quality.

 Top-class acoustics. 3,433 seats with people ready to hear what you have to say. This is what the Minneapolis Convention Center Auditorium can offer, but this only scratches the surface.

The MCC Auditorium is located on a safe, known campus, is comfortable and is an easily reached location with the benefit of a world-class, vibrant urban setting. Parking is never an issue, and three and four-star hotel options are within minutes of the venue.

The look and feel of the auditorium is without match. Warm, beautiful, sweeping acoustics rival even the best of recording studios. The room configuration is incredible and dynamic, a unique shape with inspiring and visually-engaging architecture.

Not to mention that the in-house production options are unrivaled in the entire city. The auditorium can produce a show worthy of any critics headline pick. Artists like Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Paul Simon can’t be wrong, right? That’s right, all these artists have played in the Minneapolis Convention Center.

The auditorium is a pristine venue. It has the amenities to facilitate any event, a history of success and a mass of seats ready to be filled.

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